Finding Sex (Not Love) Online

Gone are the days of debasing yourself and getting blackout drunk at bars in hopes of finding a woman who pities you enough to sleep with you. Nowadays, the cure for your pent-up lust can easily be found online. It’s not quite as simple as signing into an online adult dating website and having a woman fall on your dick, though. A little effort is required but it’s worth it. Be advised, however: it’s also unfortunately easy to find unwanted love online, so it’s a good idea for you to learn how to find a woman who wants sex and only sex and not all that other emotional crap that you don’t feel like dealing with.

Pick Your Sites Wisely

"Find the sites carefully"

“Find the sites carefully”

There are a ton of websites that deal with adult relationships and matchmaking. A lot of those focus on helping people find their potential soul-mates. Unless you’re interested in meeting women who are looking for spousal candidates, you’ll want to avoid those. Instead, turn your attention to the websites that promote adult dating and hooking up. These sites will have more women who are just as interested in getting laid as you are. There are far more men on these websites than there are women, though, so to improve your game against the other guys you’re really going to have to stand out.

Tweak Your Appearance

You might think that if a woman is only out to get laid she won’t be that discriminating when it comes to things of lesser importance like attitude, personality, and looks. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true. So if you sign up for a dating website and use a photo of you with your beer gut on prominent display highlighted by your scruffy neck beard, it’s safe to count yourself out of the running. Just because a woman is looking for sex online doesn’t mean she’s desperate. It might mean she’s just tired of the guys around her local scene. So clean yourself up, shave, and try to supplement your dating profile with a decent, attractive picture of yourself.

Try to Make a Statement Out of Your First Impression

If a woman’s looked over your dating profile and liked what she’s seen, the next step she’s going to take is to contact you. Your reply is going to be the most crucial part of this process. You want her to want you. You don’t want her to be disgusted by you or to pity you. You don’t want her to start thinking that you’re husband material. And you really don’t want her to be creeped out by you. Your first impression needs to make her be even more interested in you and more importantly, make her want you. It’s alright to be flirty, because of course you want into her pants. It’s alright to be funny too, but don’t go overboard with the humor. You should also appear confident. Confidence is a huge part of what attracts women, so be comfortable with yourself. And above everything else, stress that you’re in this for sex only. Make sure she’s very aware that you’re not looking for a relationship. Once that’s out in the open and she’s okay with it, you’re well on your way to scoring a casual sex partner.


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Our Top Sites for Online Dating

#1 Site: Match
#2 Site: Xpress
#3 Site: Chemistry
#4 Site: eHarmony
#5 Site: Passion


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