Getting Out of the Friend Zone

Men always complain when they end up in the friend zone, but few ever try to work themselves out of it. Getting out of the friend zone isn’t hard as long as you play your cards right.

Find Out the Type of Man She Likes

“Know her likings and get out of the friend zone”

More often than not, men believe that the way out of the friend zone is by showing a woman that you’re a better guy than the men she’s interested in. Most men do this by always being there as a friend, and by allowing her to come to you with all of her relationship troubles. The problem with this is that you are only securing your position in the friend zone. When you want to get out of the friend zone, the best way to go about it is by being someone else other than yourself.

After getting to know her, you will probably have a pretty decent understanding of the types of men she is attracted to. What you will need to do is begin to subtly start building a persona that is similar to one of those men. If she likes jocks who spend all of their free time working out, sign up for a gym membership and start becoming one of them. If she likes intellectual men, spend your free time at libraries and bookstores. You shouldn’t try to shove this in her face or brag about right away. Simply mention it from time to time without drawing any real attention to it. Eventually, she will make the shift from focusing on other men to focusing on you.

Make Her Envious

“Try to make her jealous”

Another great way to get yourself out of the friend zone is by pretending that you are dating someone. At first she will be happy that you found a girlfriend. Make sure to talk about your imaginary girlfriend often. Always say wonderful things about her. You will also want to mention how you’ve bought your made up girlfriends gifts, and any other positive gestures that will impress women. Every now and then, ask you friend for advice for how to make up to your fake girlfriend over something you did. You should make sure this thing isn’t too bad. Let your female friend see how caring and sincere you are. You need her to think you’re a great boyfriend.

Make sure you drag this on for a while. If you’re doing too much, too soon, she will be suspicious of you. If you do everything correctly, she will eventually be attracted to you because she knows how great of a boyfriend you are. Also, women tend to want men who are already spoken for. Turn her down the first time, but later let her know that you and your “girlfriend” broke up.

The friend zone isn’t set in stone. Men can and have gotten out of it without issue. If you want to get out of the friend zone, all you have to do is make your lady friend think that you don’t care that you’re in it in the first place.


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