Hobbies Women Want You to Have

Some women might not want woodworking to happen in the garage, and some women might not want a bird feeder in the backyard, but all women have certain ideas about the hobbies their perfect men should have. If you don’t have a woman to worry about yet, don’t fear. You can still enrich your own life with great hobbies that will also appeal to a woman when you meet her. You don’t have to know specifically what, just so long as you pick a hobby from one of these three types.

Something Intellectual

You don’t have to be a genius, but ladies like a man who can boast at least one intellectual pursuit. All you have to do is fine one that fits your fancy. A lot of men are drawn to the military and planning aspect of Chess. Other intellectual pursuits include similar puzzle games, from a simple Sudoku to word scrambles and crossword puzzles. You can also do things like read, or even watch “difficult” films. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as she can boast to her girlfriends that you do it. It’s about bragging rights more than the practical application of the skills you’ve acquired.

Something Creative

"Creativity always attracts"

“Creativity always attracts”

A great creative hobby is music. Whether you’re a composer or you never gave up your dream of being a rock and roll star doesn’t matter. Ladies love a man who can carry a tune. If music isn’t your alley you can write, or sculpt, or do something that’s creative but practical. If you take up woodworking, for example, you’d be literally creating furniture while you work with your hands. There’s something in that that a lot of women are drawn to; it’s more than just being a capable provider and handyman. If you can take something like gardening or cooking and actually make something from it you’ll definitely excite the women when they hear about it.

Something Athletic

"Women love athletically build men"

“Women love athletically build men”

There’s really no getting around this one. Play a sport. It can be a team sport or a solo one, but you should be getting out there and getting achievements that she can marvel over. Whether you love the thrill of playing a rough team sport like hockey or you’d rather relax with a game of golf doesn’t matter so long as you do it and do it consistently. If you exercise to keep fit, stop complaining about it (even though it really is a pain to have to keep doing the things we all do to keep trim.) Let her think that you enjoy it and she’ll respect you more for it than she did when she knew it was just another chore you have to cross off your list.

These are really broad topics, but together they paint a portrait of a well-balanced man. If you can subscribe to one hobby in each category you’ll be well ahead of the game. If none of the things you like to do fit any of these, then you can start by picking something you’ve always wanted to do and just starting. Sometimes, the knowledge that a woman enjoys it is the extra push a man needs to stick with something he wants for himself.


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