How to Ask if She’s on Birth Control

Finding out if a woman is on birth control is extremely important before you decide to hook up, even if it’s not something you usually think about. No form of birth control is absolute, so it’s important to know what you are working with before you decide to hook up. However, it’s definitely not the easiest subject to broach with a woman. Some guys can feel really awkward about it. You need to know that there’s really no need to be nervous about asking her. You just need to know how to go about it properly so that you can have a serious conversation about it without upsetting anybody.

Why You Should Ask Her to Begin With

You might just want to ignore it entirely and not even bother to ask her, but it can be to your benefit to know whether or not she is on birth control. First of all, you always want to know what kind of protection you’re working with. If you know for a fact that she isn’t on birth control, you know not to let her convince you to go bareback. It can also give you peace of mind if you’re a particularly paranoid guy. It’s always good to be informed about what you’re dealing with, so it really is not a conversation you should try to skip.

Making It Casual

“Decide a method for birth control”

You don’t need to sit her down like it’s a life or death situation. This will just make it more awkward for everyone involved and she’s not going to appreciate it. Keeping things casual is important because it will keep both of you from getting nervous. You may even just want to drop it into a random conversation instead of setting aside a specific time to discuss it. This way neither of you have time to work yourselves up and get nervous about anything, and then it’s all out there in the open. Most women will be very up front and honest about the fact that they are on birth control. You may want to ask her specifically what kind she uses just so that you can be absolutely certain, and most women won’t mind this either. There is no reason for you to not know, so make sure to get an answer.

Accepting Her Decision

“Decision should be mutual”

Some women are just not going to be on birth control, and they may not even want to be. If the woman you’re hooking up with is not on birth control and does not plan to be, you need to accept her decision. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but you can either deal with it or find a woman who will be more accommodating to what you want. There are plenty of health reasons why a woman might not be able to be on birth control, so it’s not your decision to make. She has her own reasons and you will have to accept them if you want to hook up with her after all.


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