How to Avoid Answering Certain Questions

“Know how to distract her from a topic while conversing”

Sometimes we want to avoid answering certain questions that will make us less desirable to women. When it comes to avoiding answering questions, the best option is a believable lie that will end up making her feel guilty for asking you that question in the first place

Don’t Be Too Basic

Many times men get caught off guard with questions from women that we don’t want to answer. When this happens, most of us lie and hope for the best. The problem with that is that a lot of times, women know what to look for when it comes to men lying, and they are able to catch us in our lies with ease. While some people are just no good at lying, for most people, lying can be easy if you know what to say, and more importantly, how to say it.

The best way to avoid answering any question that you don’t want women to know the answer to is to make her feel sympathy for you. For instance, a woman may ask you what happened between you and your last girlfriend. A lot of men respond by saying that, “It just didn’t work out.” We don’t recommend this response.. The reason is because when you answer a question without really answering the question, women will think that you are lying. In this scenario, that type of response will make women think that you and your ex-girlfriend broke up because of something that you did. When a women already has that notion inside her head, she will then think the thing that you did was cheat. If she thinks you cheated on your ex, she won’t want to deal with you because she has already branded you as a cheater.

Play Up the Sob Stories

“She will try to comfort you”

When you want to go for sympathy, you can use the typical responses that a lot of men use such as your ex cheated on you. If you really want to reel her in, you can tell her that your ex died from a car crash or some type of illness. Another great response is to tell her that your ex miscarried and could never get over it. Tell her that she took it out on you and then eventually broke up with you.

Regardless of what type of questions that a woman may ask you, you should always have some type of story that will tug at her heart. If she feels bad for you, it increases your chances of getting lucky with her. However, you will need to make sure that your story makes sense. It also helps to know in advance that she isn’t friends with someone that your ex may know. The last thing you want to do is get yourself caught in a lie. It will ruin any chances you may have with hooking up with the women that you lied to.

Avoiding answering various questions can be extremely easy just as long as you take some time out to plan out your lie in advance. Unless you’re an exceptional liar, do not try to come up with perfect lies on the spot.


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