How to Find Your Best Trait (and Use It to Your Advantage)

When you’re dating, it’s all about presenting yourself as the currently best available and suitable partner to someone. As it is, people tend to be on their best behavior when they’re dating and between all your positive characteristics you’re trying to advertise, the ones that really matter can easily get lost. However, in the long run, it’s your best traits that can be the deciding factor in whether or not she’s ready to enter a relationship with you. In order for you to make sure that you’re using your potential to its fullest, you need to be conscious of it.

Don’t Take Your Best Trait for Granted

"Your best trait might disappoint you

“Your best trait might disappoint you

It’s rare that someone knows their best trait off the top of their hat. Most can name a few positive characteristics they’re aware of, simply because they’ve been complimented on them often enough, but the least know the trait that someone would describe them with – not to mention that between various people, the opinion differs. Knowing your best trait is not only helpful in you consciously improving your potential. It will inadvertently make you more self-confident and confidence is always an attractive trait, be it while dating or looking for job opportunities. Simply put, your best and most canny characteristic is what makes you memorable and sets you apart. When you’re dating, that’s what you’re aiming for: to be remembered as a special individual.

Finding Your Trait

"It's time to find your best trait"

“It’s time to find your best trait”

The trouble with finding and knowing about your best trait is that it’s easy to fall prey to simply collecting all you’ve heard you have. This is an action that can negate even the best of characteristics, since by lining up more and more positive traits, you’ll look like you’re full of yourself. So when you’re looking for your trait, ask around what people around you think it is and accept their opinion as they present it. You can give each trait points for how often they’re named. This way, you’ll figure out your top trait, while having something like a ranking of all the others. This ranking is not set in stone, however, since, as pointed out before, opinions vary depending on your personal connection to someone.

Proving Your Trait without Boasting

In the dating arena, use the trait you’ve found that has the most advocates and use it to describe yourself. But mention that this is what you’ve received as feedback from others and agree with it, instead of saying that you think or believe this to be your best personal feature. Don’t wave it around, but don’t be shy to incorporate her into your description. For example, when you’re described as a loyal friend, tell her that your loyalty counts even more so for people who are especially close to you, like a girlfriend. She will unconsciously imagine herself in that position. But if you repeatedly lead the conversation back to how you’re loyal, she’ll start wondering if that’s the only positive thing you can say about yourself. In short, mention your best trait and talk about it should she inquire, but don’t place it in a central position in your conversation. Remember, it’s still about you as a whole being good dating material.


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