How to Recognize if She’s Already Taken

Nobody likes playing second fiddle to someone else. Being a fling for a woman without even knowing it is similar. Although some women believe and preach so, it’s not always just about sex to you and other men. A healthy relationship is rarely something anyone would ever shoot down. So it’s all the more important to know if the woman you’re currently getting to know better really is unattached or at least honest enough to admit that she’s in a troublesome relationship. It’s not easy to tell if she’s being honest with you about her single status, but the following signs should definitely raise red flags for you:

Signs when You’re Emailing Her

If you’re trying online dating, you’re sure to make first contact with a woman by a site-incorporated messaging system or via Email. Single women who are really looking for a man to enter into a new relationship and are interested in you will freely offer details about themselves. When she’s taken, she’ll either mention as little as possible or make up facts. Since you can’t tell truth from lies in a message – unless she makes mistakes while repeating them – there are also other indicators. A taken woman will only have certain hours during which she can reply to you. These are often odd times and rarely in the evening, when her partner could be present. The most obvious sign though is her skipping straight to the chase: she’s interested in your sexual experience or will try to steer the conversation toward a sexual topic. This not only serves to distract you, but also show that she might not be interested in a relationship, but a fling.

Signs when You’re Phoning Her

"She will still hide something from you"

“She will still hide something from you”

Similarly to messages, phone calls will be at odd times. They will often be when she’s working or when her partner is working and relatively short. Two people who are interested in checking their romantic compatibility have hour-long phone calls, simply because they have a lot of information to offer and gather. Should the woman you’re interested in be taken, she won’t be so forthcoming in telling you a lot about herself and her life, nor will she really have an interest in you. That’s why the phone call, if there is one at all, will most likely be very brief.

Signs when You Meet Her in Person

"She won't meet you in a crowd"

“She won’t meet you in a crowd”

Meeting her will also be bound by whatever time she has while trying not to appear suspicious in her partner’s eyes. She’ll also want to meet in a place where there’s no-one who could know her, so it could be a bit farther away. Furthermore, she’ll be quite quickly interested in having sex with you – she might even hint at it herself and know where you can go (it will most certainly not be her place) for it. When it comes to clothing and dress, it’s not unusual for women to dress nicely on a date, so you can’t really tell exactly if she’s dressed up sexily to seduce you or simply because she felt like it. But what can be found out is if she’s married. Take a peek at her ring finger. If it shows signs like a pale band while the rest of the hand is tanned, or even is still slightly slimmer than the other ring finger, then you might want to be careful. It could be that she was recently divorced, but it could also mean that you are simply someone to satisfy herself with.


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