Looking Sharp without Looking Stupid

“Appearance is always noticed first”

Appearances are important, especially when you want to make a good first impression on the woman of your dreams. Looking sharp and suave is important, since you want to look your absolute best when you meet new women. However, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes trying to look good can wind up turning against you, especially if you’re not a fashionable guy by nature. Knowing how to look sharp without looking stupid is important because it will allow you to make good impressions consistently. You won’t look awkward like many other guys and you’ll attract more women with your confidence as you get more used to your new style – you just have to know how.

Avoid Flash in the Pan Trends

While you might think that the latest fashion fad is cool, you should probably avoid incorporating it into your wardrobe, ever. Fads come and go very quickly, and people who try to ride the trend and more likely to wind up looking stupid. Since trends fade so quickly, you will wind up with a wardrobe full of things you can’t wear anymore without looking like you were late to the punch line. If something seems like a fad, avoid it. If you’re not sure, try to decide if you would still wear it in a couple of years. If the thought makes you cringe in horror, you should probably avoid adding it into your wardrobe, and you definitely shouldn’t wear it to the club.

Always Get a Second Opinion

“Is she impressed?”

Most guys are simply not that involved in the fashion scene, and chances are you’re no exception. If you aren’t fashionable, you might think something looks fine only to find out that it does not even fit right. This is where having a second opinion can help out. If you have a more fashionably minded friend, you should try to get them to give you their opinions on what you wear. They can help you figure out what looks good on you and you won’t have to worry about walking out of the house looking like a total idiot. Their advice will help you figure out your own personal style over time, and all without looking stupid. You can’t lose, unless your friend has a grudge against you and lets you out of the house dressed like a clown.

Visit the Tailor

An easy way to sharpen up your look is to make sure your smooth new clothes are properly fitted. Visiting the tailor might seem unnecessary, but the fact is that clothes often don’t fit properly if you came straight from the store. It might be a bit pricy to get your wardrobe tailored, but it makes a very subtle but powerful difference in how you look. Women will be all over you if your clothes accentuate your form, so make sure to take the extra time to have some tailoring work done. The difference might astound you, and it’s such a simple fix that you would be stupid not to do it.


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