Making the Most of a Rejection

“Rejections are a part of life”

Getting rejected is never fun, and it can even be fairly traumatizing if you’re sensitive. No guy wants to get turned down, and sometimes it can be pretty harsh. However, getting rejected is just going to happen when you hit the dating and hookup scene. It’s inevitable. So you need to get used to the idea of being rejected. More than just getting used to the idea, you need to know that having the right mindset about being rejected can help you make the most of it. Rejection doesn’t always have to be purely negative. You can use the experience to your advantage. Knowing why will be very beneficial and keep you from worrying too much about being turned down.

Having the Right Mentality about Rejection

It’s important to not take rejection too seriously. Sometimes you are going to be turned down. There’s no changing that. Women are not always going to want to hook up with every guy that approaches them, so you’re going to strike out eventually. Viewing rejection as something that happens to everyone will help you take it less seriously. It is not the end of the world if you get turned down. You can still hook up with plenty of other women. Making rejection seem like less of a tragedy will help you keep a more positive outlook on hooking up, which women will definitely notice and appreciate. It’s important to keep an open mind and not worry too much when you want to hook up.

How to Turn It into a Positive Thing

Turning rejection into a positive thing probably seems impossible, but it really isn’t. Just like in every other aspect of life, making mistakes shows you what to do better next time. If you strike out with a woman, you can try and figure out what you did that drove her away. Then you know what not to do next time so that you can be more successful with women all the time. It may not always be easy, but just view it as a learning experience so that you can move on without being too hurt by the rejection. It’s not worth it to dwell on it forever, and holding onto it can be a bad idea.

Knowing When to Let it Go

“It’s time to forget the past”

Sometimes rejections just stand out in your mind. It’s all you can think about. This starts to affect your daily life eventually, and it will impact your frame of mind. You might start to think negatively about certain types of women or certain types of situations. This won’t do you any favors in the hookup scene, so you need to let it go. If all you can focus on is the negative aspects of a situation, then you need to be able to let it go and move on from it. It’s not worth dwelling on it if it’s going to make you upset or make you unpleasant to be around. Make sure to be positive when you’re trying to pick up women.


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