Sending Messages: What Not to Do

There are countless tips out that telling you what to do when you send messages to women on online dating profiles, but have you ever considered the things that you shouldn’t do? When you want women to reply back to your messages, there are a couple of things that you should avoid to give yourself the best chance of hooking up with beautiful women.

Skip the Sexual Compliments

“Don’t get vulgar with your compliments”

Regardless of what you may think, women do not receiving messages such as, “You have nice breasts” or “I love thick women.” These type of messages turn women off completely and you shouldn’t be surprised if you never hear from a woman after you’ve sent her one of these messages. Even if you’re only interest with a woman is to have sex with her, you should never come right out and show her that. Women need to think that you are just as interested in her mind as well as her body.

Instead of sending her messages about how sexy she is, try reading over her profile and sparking up a discussion about something that she appears to be interested in. If you want to compliment her, you can tell her that she is beautiful, but do not linger on her looks for too long. Show that you have an interest in something that she has included on her profile, even if you don’t have an actual interest in it.

Don’t Put the Ball in Her Court

One big compliant that women make when it comes to men messaging them is that men never have any real questions to ask, so they leave it up to the woman to ask questions. If you have ever sent a woman a message and then told her to, “Ask me anything you want to know,” you are pretty much showing her that you don’t care enough to get to know her and that you prefer that she focus her attention on you.

If you want women to message you back, you have to ask them questions about themselves as well as share information about yourself. Make sure this isn’t the boring and typical, “What do you like to do for fun?” questions. Make your questions creative and unique. When you tell her about yourself, make it sound like she’ll be missing out if she doesn’t get to know you.

No Text Chat or Simple Questions

“Don’t bore her with your stupid text messages”

Finally, avoid using text chat when messaging a woman. Women do not want messages that read, “Hey how r u?” Messages like these are actually terrible in a few different ways. The first way is that it gives you a bad impression of being lazy and not caring what she thinks about you. The second way is that all she does is have to say, “Fine,” and she has answered your question. There is no room for conversation with this type of message.

Sending messages to women on dating websites can be stressful, but it isn’t impossible. You can better your chances by avoiding doing these things along with anything else that makes you appear undesirable.


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