The Difference Between a Dating Site and a Hookup Site

There are a lot of different sites out there that connect men and women for intimate fun. But does that mean sex, or dating? A lot of sites say that they’ll give you both, but can you trust them? What’s the real deal with these sites and how can you turn it to your advantage by tailoring your approach to women by whether you’re on a ‘dating’ or ‘hookup’ site?

The Use of “Romance” in the Site Text

"Dating site will have 'romance' in it"

“Dating site will have ‘romance’ in it”

If you need a clue as to whether this site is geared towards people looking for sex or love, just look at how much romance comes up in the site text. If they advertise they have over 50,000 sexy singles waiting online, you can bet that they’re not saying you’re going to find the love of your life here. They’re advertising that this site will get you laid. If you join up for that, it’s safe to assume that most of the other people who’ve joined up want the same thing. You should go in looking to score and you’ll find women who want the same.

If, on the other hand, there’s a lot of talk about “connecting” and “finding what you’ve been looking for”, you’re in romance territory. You should tackle these ladies knowing that they’re looking for Prince Charming, not a great night in bed.

Are the Majority of Pics Posed and Sexy?

"Get ready for some intimate fun"

“Get ready for some intimate fun”

Sites that are geared towards dating will reflect that in the ladies who are posing for the photos. You’ll see a lot of smiling faces on a dating site, but less cleavage and sexy poses. The women on a real dating site don’t want to seem too easy; they want you to work hard to get and keep their attention and assorted favors. On a site that’s more about hooking up you’ll find that ladies are a lot more inclined to post sexy photos. The general rule of thumb is that what’s on display is what’s available. If she’s showing off her figure it’s because she wants to be handled really soon, and that’s not the motivation of a woman looking for her one true love.

It’s Easier to Find Romance When Hooking Up

If you have to choose which site to devote your efforts to you should pick the hookup sites. It’s easier to find romance while playing around than it is to find casual sex with ladies who want to get married. If you and a woman connect on a sexual level then you can see if you have anything else in common. If you do, you know that you already have a great start on the foundation of your relationship. All that’s left is to see if you can keep it up while adding emotions to the equations. Some relationships were always meant to be purely physical and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Enjoy the best results when you cater your approach to the kind of site that you’re on. Don’t ask a hookup woman to be your girlfriend and don’t think that the lady you met on a romance-focused dating site is going to want to come over to your place. Find out what you want, and go to a target rich area where you can find a woman who wants those same things.


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