Things You Think Make You Look Good That Women Hate

“She clearly hates your new hairstyle”

Looking good is an important part of dating and hooking up. You have to put your best foot forward in order to make the best first impression you possibly can. This involves a level of primping and preening that most guys are unaccustomed to, and it can be frustrating to try and figure out what looks good. Sadly, what you think makes you look good might not actually be doing you any favors. Women have a sharper eye for fashion and this makes you a vulnerable target in the dating world. Knowing what women really hate will help you avoid making a critical error that could cost you a date or one night stand.

Your Haircut

Having a bad haircut is one of the first things a woman might notice about you, and it may be the reason why you are getting turned down all the time. Just because you think a haircut looks good does not make it the truth. It’s important to have a hairstyle that you can take care of, but you don’t want it to look stupid. Stay away from any trends that seem to come and go quickly, because it can make you look stupid very quickly. Stick for something simple and easy to maintain so that you don’t look dated or sloppy if you don’t have time to fix it. Always get a second opinion so that you know whether or not the haircut suits you, since everybody is different and you might not look as good as you hoped.

Your Outfit

“She does notices your dressing”

You might think fashion is simple enough. You may just throw together an outfit from your closet and call it a day. If it’s clean, it’s good enough. However, things are never this easy. You may be walking out to the clubs looking like a total idiot because of what you chose to wear. Fashion is important and it’s time to cultivate an interest in it, no matter how little you actually want to do so. Again, avoid any trends that seem to be flashes in the pan. You’ll wind up with a wardrobe full of clothes you can’t wear anymore without looking stupid. Find a stylist if you need to. They will help you make smarter decisions about what you wear.

Your Attitude

Attitude can be a major factor when it comes to attracting women. While you may think a cocky attitude is the way to go in order to pick up chicks, you might be surprised by how many women find it unappealing. There’s a fine line between cocky and douche, and you might be crossing that line all too often without realizing it. Women are very rarely attracted to a guy who’s full of himself – in fact, most women hate it. The key is to be confident without being too cocky or annoying. It might not be all that easy, but it is definitely worth it for the number of women you will be able to attract with the right attitude.


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