Three Ways to Tell She’s Needy from Her Profile

Needy women are a man’s worst enemy. She’ll suck up all your time and not even give you anything fun in return. She won’t trust you, she won’t listen to you, and nothing you do will ever be good enough. A lot of nice guys think that if they just give her enough attention, care, and love their needy girlfriend will blossom into a confident woman. It’s not going to happen. The best way to deal with it? Not get into a relationship with her in the first place! With that in mind, here are three big clues that your newest online crush is secretly really needy.

All Her Pics Are Heavily Filtered

"Her cleavage shows her desperation"

“Her cleavage shows her desperation”

It’s one thing to think that a smartphone and Instagram app makes her a photographer. However, if literally every picture of her that you can see has been obviously and heavily filtered, she’s not confident about her appearance. Even really fashion conscious women will let one unfiltered photo slip through. It could be of her doing something fun that doesn’t require that she look good, but it’ll be there. A needy woman is so afraid that someone will think that she’s ugly that she almost doesn’t let anyone see her at all. Those heavy filters make it very difficult to tell for sure what she even looks like.

She Only Lists Very Broad Interests

If you see a woman who likes “movies” and “music” in her profile and doesn’t get more specific, you know she’s needy. She wants to like what you like. Test it out and see. She’ll love whatever genre of film you love, but she hasn’t been seeing a lot of movies lately so she doesn’t really have a lot of opinions. It’s all just a cover to disguise the fact that she doesn’t actually have any opinions worth noting about the topic; she’s just trying to agree with anything you say so that you’ll like her more. Steer clear and go with a lady who’s not completely dependent on you to define herself.

She’s Very Forward

"She will make the first move"

“She will make the first move”

A needy woman will often come across as very forceful and independent at first. She’ll be the one making the first moves, and it’s so flattering to be pursued that you might actually be taken in by her. She wants to set a time to meet and chat to get to know one another, she wants to take the relationship to the next level, etc, etc. The truth is that she’s looking for more from and of you and if you don’t give it to her she’s going to demand it. You can pay up… or else. It’s best to slow things down a little if a woman is showing signs of moving much too fast. How she reacts will clinch whether or not she’s needy.

A needy woman is a thrill at first. She’s hanging on your every word and she’s totally willing to change herself to please you. If it ended there, it would be fine. Unfortunately, she’s not going to stop, and you’re never going to be able to be enough for her. For your own safety, you should cut ties to a needy woman as soon as you know you’re seeing one. It’s only going to get harder as time goes on.


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