Three Wordless Signals that Tell You She’s Interested

No matter if you’re already talking to a woman or are just trying to figure out if she’s interested beforehand, it’s good to know if the interest is mutual. Of course you’re wondering how that is done when words can possibly deceive you and when you haven’t spoken before at all. This is where body language comes in. While it’s easy to say something that you don’t mean, it’s very difficult for the body to lie. Accordingly, when it comes to flirting, it will tell you all you need to know. You don’t even have to be able to immerse yourself completely in literature explaining the fine nuances of body language. You just need to see and be able to recognize the following three signs:

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most important and barely noticed signs your body uses to communicate. When walking past someone coming toward you, looking at them for a brief moment will tell them that you’ve acknowledged their presence. It’s a very subtle way of saying that you’re not planning on getting in their way. Longer eye contact indicates interest, even in platonic circumstances. You make eye contact when you want to ask a question or are interested in what the other person has to say. When a woman makes eye contact with you, she’s interested. To tell it apart from an acknowledging glance and simple platonic interest, her eye contact will happen more often and isn’t necessarily extensive. Add a smile into the mix and you can be sure that she’d like to get to know you.

She’s Trying to Get Physically Closer to You

"Yes, she wants you"

“Yes, she wants you”

Playing ‘spot the couple‘ is the easiest game of the world once you know how to read a few body language signs. People who are attracted to each other will constantly have recurring body contact, even if its small things like hands and knees brushing up against each other. It’s a similar case for people who are attracted to each other. A woman who is interested in getting to know you will try to move closer to you. Mind you, she isn’t likely to cross the entire room to stand next to you – the least are so bold. But she’ll slowly find her way to be in speaking distance to you.

She’s Trying to Draw Your Attention

"Understand her gestures"

“Understand her gestures”

This requires her to combine the two points above and add certain gestures to present herself as attractive to you. The most easily recognizable gesture would be a welcoming or shy smile, should you have eye contact with her. Otherwise, she’ll toss and comb through her hair in your line of sight. Other gestures include baring her neck and playing with her jewelry. On a biological level, she’s essentially telling you that she’s not only willing to get to know you better, but also a good potential partner for you. She’s making you aware of the fact that she’s healthy and is unconsciously drawing your eyes to parts of her body. All you have to do now is go up and strike up a conversation with her.


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