What Method of Communication Should You Use to Chat with Ladies?

Once you and a lady have started to click you’re going to want to take the conversation offsite. Getting her off the dating site is the first step to getting her in your bed. Relationships that stay in the dating site sphere tend to get stagnant and don’t progress. Now that you’re ready to make the switch, where should you go?

Facebook Is a Bad Idea

"You will get distracted more often"

“You will get distracted more often”

Facebook has a convenient chat system, and the smartphone apps mean that you’ll be able to get updates that she’s sent you a message as soon as she sends this. The means that a lot of guys try to take a conversation right to Facebook from a dating site. This is a bad idea. A lot of women like to date on the down low, so they don’t want you up in every aspect of their lives as soon as she’s agreed to talk to you more. The reverse is also true. Do you really want this random woman to see all of your business? This can only end poorly, especially if you intend to only have a one night stand with her and then move on.

Email Is Really Slow

Email is more intimate than a message over a dating service, but it’s not the kind of thing that generally sets a heart to pumping. It’s slow and rather cumbersome. Even if you have your smartphone set to give off email alerts they’re still hard to type out on a smartphone. Everything winds up cumbersome and boring to deal with. Email is the slow, boring way to date online. You can do a lot better and have more fun while you do.

Email Chat Is Better

If you want a free option that’s better than email but doesn’t require a special download, you can use the email chat that comes with your account. Gmail’s chat service is among the best and you don’t have to get anything special. You can send and receive messages much faster, and you won’t have to open each and every message individually. It’s better for rapid-fire communications that mean you’ll feel like you’re having a conversation.

Independent Apps Are a Risk

"You may get trapped by a hacker"

“You may get trapped by a hacker”

There are plenty of chatty IM clients, but they’re not the most reliable nor the best suited to the job. They also carry a higher risk of someone grabbing your smartphone and being able to read what you’ve written. Email accounts have a longer loading time, which gives you time to demand that your buddy hand your phone back right now. Independent apps also might have some privacy concerns if you haven’t read over the terms and conditions. If you value your privacy more than a quick dirty chat, you’ll want to steer clear of these apps for now.

No matter what method of communication that you choose to use, the best time to give her your contact information is at the end of your first conversation. When one of you has to sign off, send her a message saying that this has been great but you prefer to chat on (way to communicate here). Then give her your contact information and see how long it takes for her to add you to the respective network.


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