When Should You Ask for Her Contact Information?

“Let her trust you first”

Sometimes we meet women and want to be able to connect with them right away. The problem with that is that women are taught to be apprehensive of meeting up with men. When you ask a woman for her contact information online, she doesn’t know if you’re an OK guy or if you’re a serial killer.

Give It Some Time

“Don’t ask for her number right off the bat – you’ll get rejected”

One of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to online dating is not knowing when to ask for a woman’s contact information. Women like online dating not only because it’s convenient, but also because it’s safe. Although, most women may not tell you, many of them are terrified when it comes to dating because they don’t know what type of man they’re going to end up with. Online dating allows a woman to have some sort of control over the men that she meets, knowing that she can dismiss them if she feels uncomfortable, rather than pretending to be interested in fear of some sort of retaliation if she isn’t.

When you have connected with a woman through online dating, do not send her a message after three messages of idle chitchat asking for her phone number. This will immediately turn women off. While online dating allows her to weed out some of the crazies that will undoubtedly message her, she still doesn’t know if you are one of those crazies pretending to be sane. Instead of asking for her contact information right away, give her a few days of successfully messaging before you ask for her contact information. When you do ask for her information, start with asking for her email or instant messaging information before asking for her phone number.

Know When She Wants You to Ask

A lot of times a woman wants you to ask for her contact information, but is too shy or reserved to just give it to you herself. Luckily, there are a few signs that will show you if she wants you to ask for a way to contact her outside of the dating website you’re using. One way to know for sure is if her messages to you start becoming longer than one or two paragraphs. If she’s trying to say a lot to you in one message, it’s shows that she enjoys talking to you and just wants you to make the first move. Another way to tell is if the messages between the two of you stop for a few days and she’s the first person to send a message to check up on you. If she does either of these things, you have the green light to ask for her contact information.

It’s difficult not to ask for a woman’s contact information, especially when she seems interested in you. However, you want to take your time so that you don’t scare her off. If a woman starts to feel like you are someone that is up to no good, you can forget about ever meeting her. She won’t want to hook up with you, and chances are, she’s going to give you the wrong contact information and block you from messaging her.


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