When Should You Ask to Meet Her in Person?

Asking to meet a woman in person can be tricky. You have to make sure that you are jumping the gun too quickly, or you will risk her thinking that you are up to no good. Luckily, it is ridiculously easy to discover the best times to ask to meet up with women from dating websites.

When You Have Her Other Contact Information

“If she gives you her personal number, go for it”

You may be wondering when the best time to ask to meet a woman in person if you met her on a dating website. Some men make the mistake of asking to meet a woman in person after just a few messages. When you do this, all you really end up doing is startling a woman into thinking that you are moving too quickly. Asking to meet a woman in person should come after the two of you feel comfortable with each other. While you may have no problems with meeting up after just seeing a photo and a bit of chatting, women may not feel the same way. Women like to make sure that they are safe when they meet up with men, so if she doesn’t have enough information about you, she will be quick to decline meeting with you in person.

Instead of asking her to meet up with you right away, you should take at least a few days to get to know her. A good way to know when you should ask her if she would like to meet you in person is if you have all her other contact information. If you have her phone number, email address, and instant messaging contact information, it is a good sign that she will be OK with meeting you in person.

When She Expresses Interest in You

“That’s the best time to meet”

Sometimes women will chat with you on a dating website because they don’t have anything else to do. While this can be annoying and makes you feel like you’re being lead on, there are ways to find out if she’s actually interested in you. Typically, when a woman has no real plans of hooking up with you, she will make sure not to focus on topics about dating or anything like that for too long. You may even notice that she talks about everything accept for dating. This is a good sign that she doesn’t really want to make an attempt at dating you.

When a woman is interested in you, she will be willing to talk about almost any topic that you bring up. She will also mention things that should would enjoy doing, and then ask you if you ahem any type of interest in those things. This is her way of subtly telling you that she wouldn’t mind going on a date with you. If she does this, it is safe to ask for her to meet up with you without worrying that she will stop talking to you.

Remember, asking to meet up with a woman should never be rushed. If you move too quickly, it will set off mental alarms that you are a man who she may not be able to trust. Take your time and be patient.


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