Why Pickup Lines Won’t Work

When it comes to pickup lines there are only two factions: either you love them or hate them. Women mostly don’t like pickup lines for their intended use, rather they’re meant as an amusing topic to talk about. Despite this, there are still some men who defend the use of pickup lines and will try to convince you that they’re a great way to start a flirt with a woman. Maybe their advice is meant well, but here are three reasons why you shouldn’t use pickup lines, unless you’re making fun of them:

Pickup Lines Are Uncreative

"You need to come-up with some innovative ideas"

“You need to come-up with some innovative ideas”

Of course someone had to come up with a pickup line before and that’s when that line is still novel. But as soon as it starts spreading, it becomes uncreative. For one, you could use it on every woman you cross, taking away the feeling of being someone special. When you’re trying to flirt with a woman, she wants to feel like she’s the cream of the crop to you. It will also look like you couldn’t be bothered with coming up with something of your own. From her perspective, you won’t only look like someone who isn’t making an effort, but who lacks creativity and self-motivation in all aspects of life. These are characteristics no-one wants in a partner, not even in a one night stand. Because all aspects of life also means your sex life. So using pickup lines is equal to declaring yourself as overall bland and easily forgotten person and you do not want that.

They Invite a Rejection

"It could not impress her"

“It could not impress her”

As pointed out previously, pickup lines are often a humorous topic for women when they get together. Because the least women like pickup lines, it has become somewhat of a sport to come up with the best rebuttals to the worst pickup lines. There’s little that can place you in a positive light once you’ve uttered a pickup line, so women see them as a sort-of challenge of their wit. Given the fact that there are some pickup lines that are incredibly overused, accordingly, there are already prepared rebuttals that a woman is likely to know. The worst is that her witty retort won’t only make you look bad in front of her, but if she’s in presence of her friends, in front of them as well. It’s much better to depend on your own abilities than pre-made sentences that only sound impressive when you’re either drunk or haven’t heard them previously.

They Say That You’re Insecure

Depending on something someone else came up with instead of letting your own presence and charm represent you tells her a whole lot about you – even if it is a false conclusion. Besides coming across as uncreative, she’ll think you have no confidence in your own abilities to successfully flirt with her. Like in many things, confidence is often the key and when you look like you have none, you’ll barely have any chances with her.

It’s safer not to start a flirt with a pickup line. Instead, strike up a conversation and be confident that you’re the best man she can get.


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