Why You Should Be Vague about What Type You’re Looking For

Most guys have a type. There’s nothing wrong with liking what you like, but when you’re filling out your online dating profile you should keep your requirements vague. It will nab you more dates and perhaps broaden your tastes. Here’s why you shouldn’t break out the measuring tape when you’re describing your ideal woman.

It’s the Romance Principle

"Wake up and experience the romance"

“Wake up and experience the romance”

Romance heroines usually have only one or two distinguishing features, and the rest is left up to the reader’s imagination. That’s because when women don’t have a set standard of things to attribute to a character she can fill them in with the details of her body, life, etc. This means that she gets a deeper and more emotional payoff out of reading a romance novel. She can literally pretend it’s happening to her. That’s what you want to tap into when you write your profile. You want every woman reading it to feel that, at last, she’s the woman that you’ve been waiting for. That excitement and perception is going to get you unsolicited messages from ladies wanting to hookup with you.

Women Have Distorted Self Perception

"Be flexible while choosing a girl"

“Be flexible while choosing a girl”

Women are always critical of themselves, but especially of how they look. If you say that you only like “fit” women, your idea of fit and hers might not be the same. She’s seeing an Olympic athlete, and you’re envisioning reasonably trim. This is why you should always add a little bit of leeway, especially to requirements like weight. You’ll be able to tell from a glance at her profile picture where or not you’re interested in her. If you make your requirements too strict, on the other hand, she won’t want to message you at all. You’ll never know if she was your type or not because she’ll think that you don’t want her and move on to someone else.

You Sound Better to All Ladies

If you put an overly specific type on your profile then you’re going to sound like an immature, demanding guy. A woman wants to feel special, not like she’s filling out a checklist that will tell her whether or not she’s good enough to be your girlfriend. If you get too demanding in what you put down even a woman who fits that type perfectly isn’t going to want to talk to you. Sounding like you’re not hung up on the physical details and then offering a few vague suggestions is the perfect way to snag the woman you’re actually looking for. She won’t be scared off by your demanding ideals and will actually feel good about sending you that message.

It might be a bit of a pain to sort through all the messages from ladies who aren’t your type, but when you think about it… isn’t that a great problem to have? If you want to impress a woman then you can. You can turn down the women who don’t live up to what you want, but first you have to get them to want to talk to you at all. Keep your type vague and every woman who sees it will think that she could be the creature of your dreams.


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