How to Use Your Desk Job to Attract Women

“You can have fun at your desk job” It’s easy to use your job to impress women when you’re a gold medal winning snowboarder or a man whose entire job is to rescue puppies and nurse them back to health. If you’re a regular guy, however, it can be tough to think of a way to spin your 9 to 5 to attract the attention of a lady. With the right attitude and phrasing, however, that desk job can be just the thing to get you what you want. Stability Is a Big Plus You might think that it’s boring, but to a woman looking for a little stability in her life your desk job could be a big plus. When you talk about work with her make sure that you emphasis how stable it is. Other guys might come and go but you’re all but guaranteed to still have a job at year’s end, and next year, and the year after if you want it. You might not be intending to stay at your job forever, but you should make clear to her that whatever happens is going to be your choice. You get to say whether or not you’ll stay and in this economy that’s novel enough on…

How to Ask if She’s on Birth Control

Finding out if a woman is on birth control is extremely important before you decide to hook up, even if it’s not something you usually think about. No form of birth control is absolute, so it’s important to know what you are working with before you decide to hook up. However, it’s definitely not the easiest subject to broach with a woman. Some guys can feel really awkward about it. You need to know that there’s really no need to be nervous about asking her. You just need to know how to go about it properly so that you can have a serious conversation about it without upsetting anybody. Why You Should Ask Her to Begin With You might just want to ignore it entirely and not even bother to ask her, but it can be to your benefit to know whether or not she is on birth control. First of all, you always want to know what kind of protection you’re working with. If you know for a fact that she isn’t on birth control, you know not to let her convince you to go bareback. It can also give you peace of mind if you’re a particularly paranoid guy. It’s always good to be informed about what you’re…


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