Three Wordless Signals that Tell You She’s Interested

No matter if you’re already talking to a woman or are just trying to figure out if she’s interested beforehand, it’s good to know if the interest is mutual. Of course you’re wondering how that is done when words can possibly deceive you and when you haven’t spoken before at all. This is where body language comes in. While it’s easy to say something that you don’t mean, it’s very difficult for the body to lie. Accordingly, when it comes to flirting, it will tell you all you need to know. You don’t even have to be able to immerse yourself completely in literature explaining the fine nuances of body language. You just need to see and be able to recognize the following three signs: Eye Contact Eye contact is one of the most important and barely noticed signs your body uses to communicate. When walking past someone coming toward you, looking at them for a brief moment will tell them that you’ve acknowledged their presence. It’s a very subtle way of saying that you’re not planning on getting in their way. Longer eye contact indicates interest, even in platonic circumstances. You make eye contact when you want to ask a question or are interested in what the other person…

Three Ways That Online Dating is Better than Conventional Dating

Dating online is becoming more and more mainstream for a number of very good reasons. There are conveniences offered by forming a relationship digitally that don’t exist in the more conventional manner. People who haven’t dated online before probably don’t fully appreciate the beauty of it. If you’re not having much luck dating offline and you’re considering the alternative, it’s not a bad idea to get familiar with the perks of online dating. Anonymity and Protection This may seem counter-intuitive, as when you’re dating someone you’re not anonymous at all. However, meeting a potential relationship partner online is not usually a singular event. It’s a process. You sign up on a dating website, you make a profile, you meet dozens of women, and you weed through them until you find one that really clicks with you. This is where the anonymity becomes a perk. Even in the world of online dating, rejection can spark fury and venom from some women. Online blackmail and harassment are common things. So if you’re relatively anonymous as just one guy among many other guys on an adult dating website, you’re going to be safe from the vitriol that a spurned woman tries to spew at you. You can block her and then you can…

Making the Most of a Rejection

“Rejections are a part of life” Getting rejected is never fun, and it can even be fairly traumatizing if you’re sensitive. No guy wants to get turned down, and sometimes it can be pretty harsh. However, getting rejected is just going to happen when you hit the dating and hookup scene. It’s inevitable. So you need to get used to the idea of being rejected. More than just getting used to the idea, you need to know that having the right mindset about being rejected can help you make the most of it. Rejection doesn’t always have to be purely negative. You can use the experience to your advantage. Knowing why will be very beneficial and keep you from worrying too much about being turned down. Having the Right Mentality about Rejection It’s important to not take rejection too seriously. Sometimes you are going to be turned down. There’s no changing that. Women are not always going to want to hook up with every guy that approaches them, so you’re going to strike out eventually. Viewing rejection as something that happens to everyone will help you take it less seriously. It is not the end of the world if you get turned down. You can still hook up with plenty…

How to Find Your Best Trait (and Use It to Your Advantage)

When you’re dating, it’s all about presenting yourself as the currently best available and suitable partner to someone. As it is, people tend to be on their best behavior when they’re dating and between all your positive characteristics you’re trying to advertise, the ones that really matter can easily get lost. However, in the long run, it’s your best traits that can be the deciding factor in whether or not she’s ready to enter a relationship with you. In order for you to make sure that you’re using your potential to its fullest, you need to be conscious of it. Don’t Take Your Best Trait for Granted It’s rare that someone knows their best trait off the top of their hat. Most can name a few positive characteristics they’re aware of, simply because they’ve been complimented on them often enough, but the least know the trait that someone would describe them with – not to mention that between various people, the opinion differs. Knowing your best trait is not only helpful in you consciously improving your potential. It will inadvertently make you more self-confident and confidence is always an attractive trait, be it while dating or looking for job opportunities. Simply put, your best and most canny characteristic is what…


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