Why Being Too Assertive Can Backfire On You

Being assertive is a great way to get ahead in life. However, when you’re overly assertive with women, it’s a quick way to end up single and alone. Women do not care for overly assertive men. To them it gives off the impression of immaturity and aggression. If you’re an assertive guy and have noticed that you’ve been having trouble hooking up with women, it may be time to look at exactly how assertive you are. It Makes You Seem Like a Threat “Being too nice is not what she wants” Many men think the best way to attract women is by appearing to be assertive. Men know what they want and they aren’t afraid to go after it. That is a great mindset to have when you’re thinking about careers or business plans. However, that frame of mind when it comes to women is an entirely different ballpark. Whatever you have been told about women wanting overly assertive men, forget about it. Women do not want men who are too assertive. The main reason for this is because it makes them think that you are a threat. Women are stalked and preyed after all types of men. Many women know firsthand that the more assertive a man is, the…

Things You Think Make You Look Good That Women Hate

“She clearly hates your new hairstyle” Looking good is an important part of dating and hooking up. You have to put your best foot forward in order to make the best first impression you possibly can. This involves a level of primping and preening that most guys are unaccustomed to, and it can be frustrating to try and figure out what looks good. Sadly, what you think makes you look good might not actually be doing you any favors. Women have a sharper eye for fashion and this makes you a vulnerable target in the dating world. Knowing what women really hate will help you avoid making a critical error that could cost you a date or one night stand. Your Haircut Having a bad haircut is one of the first things a woman might notice about you, and it may be the reason why you are getting turned down all the time. Just because you think a haircut looks good does not make it the truth. It’s important to have a hairstyle that you can take care of, but you don’t want it to look stupid. Stay away from any trends that seem to come and go quickly, because it can make you look stupid very quickly. Stick for…


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