Why You Should Always Go Down on Her

“Show her a good time” Whether you plan on having a one night stand or a casual relationship, it’s important to make sure that the sex is as good as possible for both parties involved. This will be extremely beneficial if you want to have a chance of meeting up with the same woman to have sex with her again. One of the best ways to make the sex as good as possible for her is by going down on her. While you might not make a habit of going down on your sexual partners, it’s a good time to start if you want to keep her in bed, and there are plenty of reasons why you should give it special attention. It Makes Her Feel Good This should be obvious, but going down on a woman makes her feel good. She might not be used to oral sex, but either way it’s going to feel good. Obviously, you enjoy blowjobs. Women enjoy having a guy go down on them just as much. Making her feel good is key when it comes to ensuring a woman will want to sleep with you again. Take the extra time and effort to focus on her and make sure that she’s into it.…

The Three Things Your First Date IRL Must Have

Taking the leap from cyber love to in person, in your face loving can be difficult for a lot of women. If you want to set her at ease on your first date you have to be sensitive to this and pick the things that she wants to hear about at any given point to the date. Thankfully, there’s a way to do this that can be easily incorporated into any date night plan. A Public Start You should always be sure that the first part of your date with a woman you met online happens in a very public place. You can meet her in a park, in a restaurant with a lot of clients, or anywhere where large crowds gather and it would be difficult to murder someone. It’s not fair to men, but a lot of women are still afraid that a man they meet online is going to turn out to be a murderer or psychopath. The easiest way to lay these fears to rest is to just let her have half an hour or so with you in public to get a feel for you and realize that you’re not about to stab her in the face. A Unique Middle Every date needs something unique.…

How to Stop Getting Psyched out about Hooking Up

“Avoid Nervous breakdown while dating” The dating and hookup scene isn’t exactly the most welcoming scene. You might feel intimidated about it quite frequently, and it may cause you to get nervous about hooking up. Psyching yourself out about hooking up is an easy way to ensure that you will not go home with any women that night. You have to learn how to relax. Being too high-strung will guarantee that you will drive women away. There’s no reason to make things more difficult than they need to be, and being too anxious can make that far too easy. Learning how to relax when you hit the dating scene will only benefit you and allow you to meet and hook up with more women. Why You Need to Take It Easy “A relaxed state of mind is important for a better conversation” It’s important to be calm and collected when you want to hook up with women, but you may not really understand why it is so important. It’s important to be calm when you want to hook up because it will make you more confident. Women can spot a nervous guy from miles away and it’s not going to do you any favors, so you need to try and…


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