What Female Condoms Are and Why You Should Use Them

Female condoms aren’t exactly the most popular product on the market, so you may not have ever even heard of them. The idea of a female condom is pretty foreign to most guys who are used to having to carry condoms with them everywhere. Condoms aren’t great, especially if you prefer the sensations from bareback. The good news is that female condoms are nearly as effective as regular condoms when used properly. Not only that, but the sensation is much closer to bareback than anything you could achieve using a condom, no matter how thin they say it is. While it may take some getting used to, female condoms may be your new best friend. What Female Condoms Are Simply put, female condoms are like the opposite of what you’re used to. It more or less looks like a bag that you put inside of the vagina. A woman can insert it and push it up into place so that it doesn’t shift around too much during sex. The end of the female condom will remain outside of her body, which can form a protective barrier from dangerous skin on skin contact as well, sort of like a dental dam would. It’s fairly simple to remove and it can be…

Three Topics You Think Are Boring That She Wants to Talk About

There’s a lot of pressure to be interesting when you take a woman out on a date. You don’t want to broach any topic that could even be thought to be boring. That means that you’re cutting out a lot of things that she really does want to talk about. Women and men don’t always have the same ideas about what’s interesting. If you can stand to let these conversations go on, you can enjoy a greater chance of winning her favor. Your Work Relationships You might not see anything special in how you handled a work conflict, but she will. Women are always on the lookout for a man with a temper. This is especially true if you met her online. The best thing that you could do on a date is mention a little work related squabble that you handled well. The better it resolved for you, the better. You don’t have to go into too much detail, but there’s nothing wrong with outlining a few of your main friends and enemies in the office. She’ll be interested in getting a look at how you function and you can blow off a little work related steam. Just make sure that you don’t go into rant mode when you’re…

Hobbies Women Want You to Have

Some women might not want woodworking to happen in the garage, and some women might not want a bird feeder in the backyard, but all women have certain ideas about the hobbies their perfect men should have. If you don’t have a woman to worry about yet, don’t fear. You can still enrich your own life with great hobbies that will also appeal to a woman when you meet her. You don’t have to know specifically what, just so long as you pick a hobby from one of these three types. Something Intellectual You don’t have to be a genius, but ladies like a man who can boast at least one intellectual pursuit. All you have to do is fine one that fits your fancy. A lot of men are drawn to the military and planning aspect of Chess. Other intellectual pursuits include similar puzzle games, from a simple Sudoku to word scrambles and crossword puzzles. You can also do things like read, or even watch “difficult” films. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as she can boast to her girlfriends that you do it. It’s about bragging rights more than the practical application of the skills you’ve acquired. Something Creative A great creative hobby is music. Whether…


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