Why You Should Ask Her to Get on Birth Control

Birth control can be a touchy subject for some women, and it can be an extremely uncomfortable topic for most guys. However, having a conversation about it is important if you plan on hooking up with a woman more than once. You may not want to talk about it, but asking her to get on birth control can be seriously beneficial to both of you. It may not be the easiest thing to bring up, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Knowing all of the reasons why you should bother asking her to get on birth control will convince you to give it a shot. It Adds a Layer of Protection “It will keep you safe” No form of birth control is completely effective. Condoms aren’t always effective and there is always a risk of something going wrong. Having the woman you’re sleeping with get on birth control will add another layer of protection and safety. The chances of her getting pregnant if you use a condom and she’s on birth control are laughably slim. This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s worth asking her to get on birth control. It will ease both of your minds and make sex more enjoyable, since…

Things You Think Make You Look Good That Women Hate

“She clearly hates your new hairstyle” Looking good is an important part of dating and hooking up. You have to put your best foot forward in order to make the best first impression you possibly can. This involves a level of primping and preening that most guys are unaccustomed to, and it can be frustrating to try and figure out what looks good. Sadly, what you think makes you look good might not actually be doing you any favors. Women have a sharper eye for fashion and this makes you a vulnerable target in the dating world. Knowing what women really hate will help you avoid making a critical error that could cost you a date or one night stand. Your Haircut Having a bad haircut is one of the first things a woman might notice about you, and it may be the reason why you are getting turned down all the time. Just because you think a haircut looks good does not make it the truth. It’s important to have a hairstyle that you can take care of, but you don’t want it to look stupid. Stay away from any trends that seem to come and go quickly, because it can make you look stupid very quickly. Stick for…

How to Recognize if She’s Already Taken

Nobody likes playing second fiddle to someone else. Being a fling for a woman without even knowing it is similar. Although some women believe and preach so, it’s not always just about sex to you and other men. A healthy relationship is rarely something anyone would ever shoot down. So it’s all the more important to know if the woman you’re currently getting to know better really is unattached or at least honest enough to admit that she’s in a troublesome relationship. It’s not easy to tell if she’s being honest with you about her single status, but the following signs should definitely raise red flags for you: Signs when You’re Emailing Her If you’re trying online dating, you’re sure to make first contact with a woman by a site-incorporated messaging system or via Email. Single women who are really looking for a man to enter into a new relationship and are interested in you will freely offer details about themselves. When she’s taken, she’ll either mention as little as possible or make up facts. Since you can’t tell truth from lies in a message – unless she makes mistakes while repeating them – there are also other indicators. A taken woman will only have certain hours during which she…

Brushing Up On Your Conversation Skills

“Better communication skills impresses women” There is never a bad time to strengthen your conversation skills. Women love a man who can hold an intelligent conversation. Unlike many men, women are stimulated from their minds and then their bodies. If you want to better your chances at getting laid, you will need to learn how to excite women by showing them that you’re a great conversationalist. Find Out About Current Events One place to start when it comes to brushing up on your conversation skills is current events. Watching or reading the news as well as popular entertainment websites about celebrities can be great for strengthening your conversation skills. Depending on the women that you’re dating, you may have to focus on one or the other or perhaps even both. However, we urge you to be careful when talking about current events, especially anything dealing with politics. Sometimes women can and will lose interest in you depending on where you stand in politics and issues that affect the country. Once you’ve gone about learning more about celebrities and current events, you should go to various websites and engage people with comments. This is a good way to figure out how to respond to plenty of different women. One of the…


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