Ways to Make Her Less Nervous about Hooking Up

While you are probably more nervous about meeting women than the actual process of hooking up with them, for women it can sometimes be the opposite. She might be more nervous about hooking up with you than anything else. If a woman is nervous about hooking up, she may be more reluctant to actually go home with you and it can make you lose a chance at hooking up. It’s important to make her comfortable and less nervous about the whole process so that she doesn’t back out. Knowing how to make a woman more comfortable with you will help you hook up with more women, so you really can’t go wrong by learning all about it. Show Her That You’re Safe “Make sure she is comfortable around you” One of the biggest reasons why women tend to be uncomfortable and nervous about hooking up with guys is that she’s worried about safety. Unfortunately, there are plenty of creeps out there who might try to take advantage of a woman. She has every reason to be concerned about her safety, so it’s your job to make her feel comfortable with you. She needs to know that you are normal and safe and will not hurt her. There is nothing in…

How to Find Your Best Trait (and Use It to Your Advantage)

When you’re dating, it’s all about presenting yourself as the currently best available and suitable partner to someone. As it is, people tend to be on their best behavior when they’re dating and between all your positive characteristics you’re trying to advertise, the ones that really matter can easily get lost. However, in the long run, it’s your best traits that can be the deciding factor in whether or not she’s ready to enter a relationship with you. In order for you to make sure that you’re using your potential to its fullest, you need to be conscious of it. Don’t Take Your Best Trait for Granted It’s rare that someone knows their best trait off the top of their hat. Most can name a few positive characteristics they’re aware of, simply because they’ve been complimented on them often enough, but the least know the trait that someone would describe them with – not to mention that between various people, the opinion differs. Knowing your best trait is not only helpful in you consciously improving your potential. It will inadvertently make you more self-confident and confidence is always an attractive trait, be it while dating or looking for job opportunities. Simply put, your best and most canny characteristic is what…


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Our Top Sites for Online Dating

#1 Site: Match
#2 Site: Xpress
#3 Site: Chemistry
#4 Site: eHarmony
#5 Site: Passion


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