Three Topics You Think Are Boring That She Wants to Talk About

There’s a lot of pressure to be interesting when you take a woman out on a date. You don’t want to broach any topic that could even be thought to be boring. That means that you’re cutting out a lot of things that she really does want to talk about. Women and men don’t always have the same ideas about what’s interesting. If you can stand to let these conversations go on, you can enjoy a greater chance of winning her favor. Your Work Relationships You might not see anything special in how you handled a work conflict, but she will. Women are always on the lookout for a man with a temper. This is especially true if you met her online. The best thing that you could do on a date is mention a little work related squabble that you handled well. The better it resolved for you, the better. You don’t have to go into too much detail, but there’s nothing wrong with outlining a few of your main friends and enemies in the office. She’ll be interested in getting a look at how you function and you can blow off a little work related steam. Just make sure that you don’t go into rant mode when you’re…

How to Avoid Answering Certain Questions

“Know how to distract her from a topic while conversing” Sometimes we want to avoid answering certain questions that will make us less desirable to women. When it comes to avoiding answering questions, the best option is a believable lie that will end up making her feel guilty for asking you that question in the first place Don’t Be Too Basic Many times men get caught off guard with questions from women that we don’t want to answer. When this happens, most of us lie and hope for the best. The problem with that is that a lot of times, women know what to look for when it comes to men lying, and they are able to catch us in our lies with ease. While some people are just no good at lying, for most people, lying can be easy if you know what to say, and more importantly, how to say it. The best way to avoid answering any question that you don’t want women to know the answer to is to make her feel sympathy for you. For instance, a woman may ask you what happened between you and your last girlfriend. A lot of men respond by saying that, “It just didn’t work out.” We don’t recommend…


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