Should You Use Emotes When Dating Online?

When you’re dating online, every single impression you make counts. So the question eventually becomes: are emoticons cute, or immature? Do they help clarify your conversation, or do they just make things even more confused? This might seem like a minor touch, but women will use almost any excuse not to answer a message. If you don’t make the right call you could be “winky-face”ing yourself out of a great date. When You’re Trying to Joke Tone is very difficult to convey online. What might seem like a harmless joke to you could be harsh to her. She might not realize that you’re having a laugh about something and think that you’re serious. When you’re trying to joke, tease, or use sarcasm an emoticon can actually help clear that up. “Nooo, I hate that band! ;P” is a lot different from, “Noo, I hate that band!” If you’re saying anything that shouldn’t be interpreted literally, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a smilie face at the end to make it clear to her that you’re kidding. Later, when you know each other well enough to catch a joke you can try dropping them if you want. Too Often Looks like You’re Trying Too Hard When you’re using an emoticon at…

Making the Most of a Rejection

“Rejections are a part of life” Getting rejected is never fun, and it can even be fairly traumatizing if you’re sensitive. No guy wants to get turned down, and sometimes it can be pretty harsh. However, getting rejected is just going to happen when you hit the dating and hookup scene. It’s inevitable. So you need to get used to the idea of being rejected. More than just getting used to the idea, you need to know that having the right mindset about being rejected can help you make the most of it. Rejection doesn’t always have to be purely negative. You can use the experience to your advantage. Knowing why will be very beneficial and keep you from worrying too much about being turned down. Having the Right Mentality about Rejection It’s important to not take rejection too seriously. Sometimes you are going to be turned down. There’s no changing that. Women are not always going to want to hook up with every guy that approaches them, so you’re going to strike out eventually. Viewing rejection as something that happens to everyone will help you take it less seriously. It is not the end of the world if you get turned down. You can still hook up with plenty…

Hobbies Women Want You to Have

Some women might not want woodworking to happen in the garage, and some women might not want a bird feeder in the backyard, but all women have certain ideas about the hobbies their perfect men should have. If you don’t have a woman to worry about yet, don’t fear. You can still enrich your own life with great hobbies that will also appeal to a woman when you meet her. You don’t have to know specifically what, just so long as you pick a hobby from one of these three types. Something Intellectual You don’t have to be a genius, but ladies like a man who can boast at least one intellectual pursuit. All you have to do is fine one that fits your fancy. A lot of men are drawn to the military and planning aspect of Chess. Other intellectual pursuits include similar puzzle games, from a simple Sudoku to word scrambles and crossword puzzles. You can also do things like read, or even watch “difficult” films. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as she can boast to her girlfriends that you do it. It’s about bragging rights more than the practical application of the skills you’ve acquired. Something Creative A great creative hobby is music. Whether…


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