Why You Should Be Vague about What Type You’re Looking For

Most guys have a type. There’s nothing wrong with liking what you like, but when you’re filling out your online dating profile you should keep your requirements vague. It will nab you more dates and perhaps broaden your tastes. Here’s why you shouldn’t break out the measuring tape when you’re describing your ideal woman. It’s the Romance Principle Romance heroines usually have only one or two distinguishing features, and the rest is left up to the reader’s imagination. That’s because when women don’t have a set standard of things to attribute to a character she can fill them in with the details of her body, life, etc. This means that she gets a deeper and more emotional payoff out of reading a romance novel. She can literally pretend it’s happening to her. That’s what you want to tap into when you write your profile. You want every woman reading it to feel that, at last, she’s the woman that you’ve been waiting for. That excitement and perception is going to get you unsolicited messages from ladies wanting to hookup with you. Women Have Distorted Self Perception Women are always critical of themselves, but especially of how they look. If you say that you only like “fit” women, your idea of…

Why Isn’t She Returning Your Messages?

“Waiting for her reply?” It can be frustrating when you message a woman and she never returns your message. Failing to reply back to a message is annoying and rude, but sometimes women have their reasons for why they don’t message men back. If you’ve been messaging women and haven’t been getting messages back, you may need to stop and think about what you’re sending her that is turning her off. She’s Scared of Offending You Women get messages from all types of men. Some of these men are lucky enough to receive messages back, while the rest of us aren’t so lucky. Most of us assume that a woman didn’t reply back to us because she interested in us, but we get annoyed because she could at least have the common courtesy to tell us that. However, women are taught to never upset a man because you never know what he would do in retaliation. Even though she’s online and the chances of you seeing her in person are slim, she still thinks something horrible could happen if she offends you, so she just doesn’t say anything. Another reason women may not reply back to your messages is because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. You may be…


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#4 Site: eHarmony
#5 Site: Passion


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