What Lies Make You More Desirable to Women

There are plenty of lies that men tell women. Some of them end up making things difficult for you, but some of them actually work to your advantage. Regardless of what anyone tells you, you can make lying work to your advantage. You’re a Virgin “They know that you are going to put extra effort in impressing her” We don’t know what it is about this lie that makes women go crazy, but they sure seem to love it. We assume that it has something to do with women wanting to be your first. When a women thinks that she’ll be your first, there is almost no limit to the things she will do to get her hands on you. However, there are some guys who have used this lie with no luck, but the one thing they all had in common is how they presented the line to women. When you tell a woman that you are a virgin, you will actually have to convince her. Most women do not believe that virgin men still exist, so she may think that you are joking. You will have to come up with a story that sounds believable when you admit that you are a virgin to her. Do not smile…

The Three Things Your First Date IRL Must Have

Taking the leap from cyber love to in person, in your face loving can be difficult for a lot of women. If you want to set her at ease on your first date you have to be sensitive to this and pick the things that she wants to hear about at any given point to the date. Thankfully, there’s a way to do this that can be easily incorporated into any date night plan. A Public Start You should always be sure that the first part of your date with a woman you met online happens in a very public place. You can meet her in a park, in a restaurant with a lot of clients, or anywhere where large crowds gather and it would be difficult to murder someone. It’s not fair to men, but a lot of women are still afraid that a man they meet online is going to turn out to be a murderer or psychopath. The easiest way to lay these fears to rest is to just let her have half an hour or so with you in public to get a feel for you and realize that you’re not about to stab her in the face. A Unique Middle Every date needs something unique.…

Getting Out of the Friend Zone

Men always complain when they end up in the friend zone, but few ever try to work themselves out of it. Getting out of the friend zone isn’t hard as long as you play your cards right. Find Out the Type of Man She Likes “Know her likings and get out of the friend zone” More often than not, men believe that the way out of the friend zone is by showing a woman that you’re a better guy than the men she’s interested in. Most men do this by always being there as a friend, and by allowing her to come to you with all of her relationship troubles. The problem with this is that you are only securing your position in the friend zone. When you want to get out of the friend zone, the best way to go about it is by being someone else other than yourself. After getting to know her, you will probably have a pretty decent understanding of the types of men she is attracted to. What you will need to do is begin to subtly start building a persona that is similar to one of those men. If she likes jocks who spend all of their free time working out, sign up…


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