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Your chances on this site are great no matter who you are. It's easy to use, and has women from every corner of the country and globe. That scored us a great 4 dates, and all of those ladies came back for seconds.

Chemistry.com is one site that seemed to come out of nowhere for us, and we were thrilled. It really has a great formula, and it’s definitely something to keep coming back to.

This site just works.

During our Chemistry review, we figured out very quickly that this site just does it right. It’s very well-organized, which makes it very easy to navigate and thus, use.

Chemistry CTA img

We love a site that has ease of use promoted on it, and that’s definitely the case with Chemistry.com. You aren’t going to be able to find a date on a site that doesn’t work easily, after all.

Our Chemistry test was shockingly easy because of that. When you can really search for the women you want without it being difficult, that’s something that you can look forward to.

It made it so much easier.

Chemistry overlay img

If you want to keep your options open, you’ll find the dates you need here. Definitely try out Chemistry

This is one of those sites that we think anyone can use. Our Chemistry test ended up proving that in spades, as far as we’re concerned, and it’s something to really look forward to.

Because of this, there’s really no worries about fitting in or learning curve on this site. It helps you through the process of really being able to use it properly and get the dates you want.

You’ll end up being satisfied here, and that’s something that we really don’t get to have happen on a lot of sites. Chemistry.com, however, just gets it done in spades.

We Stayed on Chemistry.com for 5 Months: Was It Worth It?

We ended up spending a total of five months on our Chemistry review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

The results were great.

From those 120 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 96 responses. This was incredible, and really drove home how good this site is to us during our review.

From those 96 responses, we ended up with a total of 7 ladies that wanted to meet up with us, and 4 of them actually showed. All four of those ladies came back for second dates.

This site was incredible beyond our wildest dreams, and during our review, we really did end up having a great time here. It was definitely worth it and it’s a great site.

Chemistry.com: The Top Two Messages With The Most Replies

Email 1: “Hi, Beth. Your gorgeous smile is what drew me into your profile, and from there, I really just couldn’t stop reading. You’re a really interesting girl without a doubt.

I saw that you have a love of fine art, and that’s something I’ve always been interested in, too. I actually have tickets to the opening of a local museum if you’d like to come this weekend.”

Email 2: “Hi, Charity. I was surprised to find a girl on this site that was as into cars as I am, and I think that’s really awesome. You just don’t see that many out there!

What are some of your favorite models? I’m actually also a fan of drag racing, and I saw that you had a little bit of interest in that, too. If you’d ever like to go to a race, let me know.”

Chemistry.com’s Features That Made Our Stay Great

There’s an incredible amount of variety on this site, and that’s something that really kept us coming back for more in spades. When you can date all kinds of ladies, it’s a lot of fun.

You have options.

This is one site where you don’t have to sit around and think that you won’t find someone that really suits you. Trust us, they’re here, and they’re ready to meet you as well.

These ladies are ready to go. They not only have a great amount of variety on this site, but they also seem to have a lot of ladies that are really open and blunt about what they want.

That’s not something you can find just anywhere. That’s something that this site really offers to you in spades, and that hits all of our buttons in just the right way, without a doubt.

It’s well-populated.

The other thing about this site is that you actually see women from all over on here. They’re not all just from major cities, and that’s a big attractant to a lot of men.

If you live in the middle of nowhere, your chances of finding women on this site are a lot higher. They just seem to have a really good geographical distribution here.

All in all, there just seems to be something for everyone on this site, and that’s what really made us thrilled about it. It’s also incredibly easy to use, so count us in.

How To Stand Out on Chemistry.com: Secret Online Dating Strategies

Standing out on this site is a lot easier than you’d think, and that’s because women on here are really just looking for an honest kind of man that wants a good time.

They know what’s up.

They know that you’re looking for women that aren’t going to beat around the bush, either. That means that they’re ready to meet you so long as you hit their buttons right.

You need to keep up with messages on here, and keep your promises. The more reliable you are, the sexier you’re going to be to them, and that means more attention.

Trust us on this. If you can keep your deadlines, be prompt about replying to them, and really make sure that you come off as a fun kind of man, then they’ll love you.

Chemistry.com: Things That Could’ve Been Better

Dating site are perfect, and this one is no exception. That being said, these are just a few minor things that we found wrong with this site during our general review of it.

There are scams here.

Fortunately, they’re all very easy to avoid and report, but you do need to be on the look out for cam girls. They’re inoffensive, but they can put up fake profiles here and there.

These are pretty easy to avoid if you know what you’re looking for. Just don’t click on their links, and don’t waste your time with them because they aren’t going to date you.

That’s the least of your worries when it comes to online dating, though, and that’s why we were really unconcerned about seeing them on this site. Just ignore them.

Chemistry.com in the News

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Chemistry.com Review: What’s the Final Word On Using Chemistry.com For Online Dating?

We were really impressed by Chemistry.com, and that’s why it’s our number three site overall. It’s proven itself to be one of the best of the best without a doubt.

You can’t pass it up.

Sites like this don’t come along very often, and that’s why we really think this site deserves a second glance. It’s one of the best sites that we’ve ever tried, hands down.

Sites like this one go out of their way to really make your experience enjoyable, and that’s a fact. If you take the time to check it out, you’ll definitely end up seeing a huge difference.

It’s just one of the best. Give it a shot, and you’ll definitely be able to see what we mean.

30 Responses to “Our Complete Chemistry.com Review – Why Chemistry.com Ranked #3 For Online Dating”

  1. Angry Jaguar

    I never thought I’d be here leaving a review for Chemistry.com. To be honest, I joined the site for laughs and I never expected to meet anyone so when I did it was a shock.

  2. In comparison to other sites, this one actually seems like it works. So many sites claim this whole “relationship chemistry” thing and I think it’s all bullshit. This site’s different, at least I think so.

  3. I guess I thought all dating sites were scams or I would have joined this one sooner. That would have definitely saved me some time looking for dates and not finding any. I like this site.

  4. I hope that Chemistry.com is legit. I’ve used bad dating sites in the past and I am not about to get caught up in another crappy one. I don’t have time or that shit, you know?

  5. Flaming Toupee

    Even tho ppl kept telling me this site was good I avoided it for the longest time. I was new to dating sites and I didn’t want to admit I needed them. I was dumb.

  6. Dead Vegetable

    I wanted to test out Chemistry.com because I wanted to see if that stuff about relationship chemistry was real and now that I’ve used it I think it is real. My girlfriend and I a perfect match.

  7. I have to give this site a high rating. It’s amazing how much my opinion towards these things can change…I used to think they were for desperate losers but now I see that they aren’t.

  8. If I want 2014 to keep being a good year I think I need to stay on this site. It’s great and it has the reviews to prove that it really does what you need it to.

  9. I’ve been out of the dating world for a while but I recently became single again so I’m looking for a good woman…can anyone tell me what Chemistry.com is like? Is that a good site?

  10. Infant Orange

    I can’t tell you how much sites like this have helped me. I’m not the best at conversation irl so I like the chance for a woman to get to know me before she sees that.

  11. Eaglet Gruesome

    If any site is deserving of good reviews it’s Chemistry.com, at least in my opinion. It’s clear the makers of this site actually really care about guys finding dates and getting laid and I like that.

  12. This site really makes others pale in comparison. I was expecting it to help me meet someone but I wasn’t expecting it to help me make this type of a deep connection. Unexpected, but nice.

  13. Porfirio Bennett

    If you used this site and still think it’s a scam then you’re dead wrong. Yeah, some of it costs money but that’s so you can get the full features of the site. It’s worth it.

  14. Someone told me that Chemistry.com is a legit site so I came to check it out. I guess it seems okay at first glance but I don’t know how I feel about that relationship chemistry stuff.

  15. Purple Gravel

    There is nothing as good as a dating site that actually works. The messaging system is great so it was really easy to meet and talk to women, even easier than on other dating sites.

  16. I wanted to test out Chemistry.com purely because I read a great review of it and it sounded like something I could use to get a date. I was right, and I joined and never looked back.

  17. This site deserves a high rating. I wish more people would use it bc that would mean more women to talk to! I can’t be the only one who wishes that, right? There’s no way.

  18. Ronny Larson

    2014 has just started and I feel like my love life has too! I have to leave this site a good review bc it’s turned things around for me. I guess give credit where credit is due.

  19. I’m guessing that Chemistry.com is a decent dating site…I’ve seen a lot of ads for it and I’m really considering signing up for it but idk. I’ll probaly do some research on it first tbh.

  20. Lefty Mini Baron

    I didn’t think I’d enjoy meeting women on sites lik this more than I did in real life but it’s happened. I would much rather make a connection online and then meet up with her.

  21. Green Crazy Darling

    I don’t normally leave reviews for anything, let alone a dating site, but I just wanted to drop by and talk about how good Chemistry.com is. It’s easy to use and customize your profile imo.

  22. This site is so much better in comparison to the bad sites that I’ve apparently been settling for. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good so I was very pleasantly surprised when I started using it.

  23. Floyd Osterweis

    I don’t think this site is a scam. There are parts of it that didn’t impress me as much as other sites, but it’s definitely not a scam. Overall, it’s pretty good. I’m just picky.

  24. I really need to know if Chemistry.com is legit. My good friend is really having some trouble holding onto a girlfriend and I’m trying to find some good sites to recommend to him to help.

  25. Beaver Orange

    I don’t know what to say about this site! It’s good and I know that but I don?t’ think I know how to write a very good or convincing review so I’m not much help.

  26. Jack Scarlet

    If you’ve on the fence about signing up to test out Chemistry.com get off the fence and sign up. This site is worth your time and you should stop fucking around and just sign up.

  27. I had no option but to give this site a high rating. The ten dates I’ve had in two weeks speaks for itself in this case, I think, so I have to give credit where credit is due.

  28. Elroy Gettemy

    I used this site a long time ago and it was just alright, but now that I’ve come back in 2014 it’s good. I have to leave a grateful review bc I got a date.

  29. This is one of those sites that claims to match ppl for dating based on chemistry but I’m a little skeptical…just how much can Chemistry.com know just from a few questions they quickly ask you?

  30. Ocelot Hidden

    I never know what to say about sites like this. I like them so much but I just never know how to write a good review that might convince ppl to use an awesome site.


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