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This site is a study in admin laziness. They don't care about drawing in real women to sign up, and they certainly don't care about all the scambots crawling around. is one site that just drove us crazy from the very start. There’s nothing going on with this site, and during our FlirtBox review, we were driven insane by it.

The thing is, it’s awful. Sites like this, as proven by our FlirtBox test, just don’t know how to drag in women, and the proof is in the results that we garnered from it.

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Our Results When Using For Online Dating

We ended up spending a total of five months on our FlirtBox review, and during that time, we sent out 120 e-mails to women that were part of our FlirtBox test.

It was awful. From those 120 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 38 replies total, and not a single woman wanted to meet up with us. It was a total waste of time.

Why Is Not Worth the Effort

This is one site that needs to be tossed off the edges of the internet. The owners just don’t seem to care about scammers at all, and so they run amuck on this site.

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That makes for a really unsafe environment, and we really hate that. You aren’t going to get a date when you have to constantly look over your shoulder, after all. in the News

Knowing how to really make a long distance relationship work is easier said than done at times, but this article helps even when won’t at all:

Sometimes, your partner might be across the world, and this article helps you out even when doesn’t at all: Review: Is This a Decent Dating Stomping Ground?

We absolutely hated, and that’s why you just need to leave it alone. It’s not a good site, and nothing’s going to come of it that really helps you.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, It’s the best of the best, and our numbers don’t lie. A site like really will get the job done.

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Online Dating Site Didn’t Break the Top 5”

  1. Gross Steve Moonship

    As soon as I signed up for I knew I was going to be leaving a bad review. This site stinks.

  2. This site pales in comparison to others. Honestly, it’s just really bad compared to others I’ve used in the past.

  3. Dreaded Honey

    I never thought I’d actually find one of the fabled scam dating sites but I found it right here, trust me.

  4. I guess is legit but then again, I’m really not sure. I haven’t even used the damn site yet.

  5. Ernest Reade

    Is there anything good about this site? I’m pretty sure there isn’t and I can normally find something good to say.

  6. Rusty Musk-ox

    I knew deserved a test run when I first saw it but it was definitely not something I enjoyed.

  7. I can’t help but give this site one of the lowest ratings I’ve ever given. It sounds harsh, but it’s necessary.

  8. I’ve left so many reviews so far in 2014 and none of them have been good. Sadly, this site is no different.

  9. seems like an interesting dating site. Casual dating as opposed to serious, it looks like, for sure. You know?

  10. Vance Painter

    Sites like this need to be stopped. I’ve been scammed by them one too many times. I’m sick of it.

  11. deserves only bad reviews and trust me, I definitely know what I’m talking about with this. I am absolute.

  12. I could make a comparison but it just feels rude to compare other good sites to this trainwreck of a site.

  13. If I had known this site was a scam beforehand I never would have used it. Not even free trials.

  14. is one of those sites that I can’t really find info on anywhere so I don’t know what it’s like.

  15. Samuel Biery

    If there’s anything good about this site, someone tell me. Point me in the direction of something worthwhile, please, guys.

  16. Rough Pink Puppy

    You can test out if you really want to but I know you aren’t going to like it. Please just take my advice.

  17. I might not know much about dating sites, but I know that this one definitely doesn’t deserve a high rating.

  18. ChinchillaChinchilla

    2014 will hopefuly end better than it started. Maybe I’ll actually find a site with good reviews. That would be nice.

  19. I just signed up for so honestly, I haven’t used it long enough to form any opinions about it!

  20. I should have listened to my friend that said sites like this are bad but no, I took a chance.


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