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The sheer number of fake profiles here, set up by the admins to mask their pathetic membership numbers, has effectively killed any chance of this site ever having a population of real women. is a study in what not to do on a dating site. It’s mind-numbing to think that anyone can use this site successfully, because it’s just empty and dead.

We hated it.

We spent a long time on our MatchMeHappy review, and all for nothing. This site is empty, and that’s because they don’t know how to market to women, very obviously.

ONLINE DATING scam alert image

You’d think they’d get a clue after awhile, but they never do. Our MatchMeHappy test was very frustrating because of this fact, and that drove home the point that it just will never work.

We hated that. People try to use this site every day to no avail, and that’s just sad. We can’t imagine people legitimately trying to date on here when it’s just this empty.

It’s all one big scam.

The thing is, they don’t care about you. They just want your money, and our MatchMeHappy test really did prove that to us in spades. It’s just awful to see it for real.

Because they want your money, this site will literally just lie and cheat about everything to your face. They don’t care if you meet women, and that’s good, because there aren’t any.

image overlay MatchMeHappy

In general, this is one site that’s best left alone because of those facts. There’s nothing going on here, anyway.

We hate that, but it’s true. Skip it, and you’ll end up a lot happier, and we figured that out very quickly.

Our Results When Using For Online Dating

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our MatchMeHappy review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women we found on this site.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 120 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 47 responses. This was really pathetic, and really drove home exactly how empty this site was in general.

From those 47 responses, not a single woman wanted to actually go out with us. This was really indicative of the site, and made it obvious that there was nothing here for us.

We hate sites like this, and we were glad to be done with our review. There’s just nothing going on with this site, and that means there’s no real chance to get a date.

Why Is Not Worth the Effort

It’s obvious this site isn’t worth the effort with one single glance, and that’s because the site is empty. They love to lie about their numbers, but trust us, they’re all lies.

There’s no one on this site.

Because this site is as empty as it is, there’s just nothing here for you. There’s no chance to really meet women, because they just don’t exist on a horrible site like this one.

That’s something that a lot of men don’t realize until it’s too late. They end up joining up because there are a lot of fakes on this site, and they look like they’re active members.

They aren’t. Trust us on this, no fake profile is going to suddenly turn real, and boy, are there a lot of fakes on this site that want to apparently climb you like a tree.

They use fake pictures.

Most of the fake profiles have stolen pictures from porn sites, and that’s just not any good for anyone. They really aren’t that hot, because remember, they’re all bots.

If they aren’t complete and utter fakes, they’re cam girls. They’re nuisances and they definitely aren’t going to end up dating you, trust us on this fact.

Because of that, this site is something of a nightmare to get around. You can’t find real women, so that means no real dates.

All in all, it’s a waste. It’s impossible to think of anything that really makes this site redeemable in our book. in the News

There’s a lot of effort that needs to go into long distance relationships, but won’t help at all:

Long distance relationships are easier in the 21st century, though this article gives more help than ever would: Review: Is This a Decent Dating Stomping Ground?

We couldn’t stand at all, and that’s why we’re happy to leave this one behind.

We’ll never recommend it. There’s nothing good about it, and it’s a complete waste of time.

It’s just awful.

It’s actually hard to think of another site that’s as flooded with fakes as this one is, and we really can’t stand the thought of it. It was just an incredibly unpleasant experience.

There are so many fakes on this site that they’ve effectively killed all chances of getting anyone real to join. Even finding real, depressed men on this site was a chore.

Because of that, it’s just not worth it. There’s nothing for you here on a site like this one.

Instead, check out our best sites.

Our number one site is, and it really hits the spot. It’s the best of the best, and it does exactly what we want it to do every single time. We’ve never had bad luck with it.

With that in mind, you’ll definitely get to have some fun. Check it out, and you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s the best of the best for a reason. Good luck!

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Online Dating Site Didn’t Break the Top 5”

  1. Aimless Flag deserves every bad review it’s getting and it will keep deserving them until it improves a hell of a lot.

  2. There’s a ton of other sites that are so much better in comparison to this one and you guys should all use those.

  3. I don’t think these sites are scams but I definitely don’t think they’re high quality, either. Nope, not at all.

  4. You know what, I remember using for a while. I think. Maybe. I forget these things half the time.

  5. Jerold Fiscina

    You know, I’ve used good sites before and I do know what I’m talking about. Trust me, this site is bad.

  6. Reindeer Running

    If you’re thinking of signing up to test out think again. You’re better off not doing that, trust me.

  7. If you give his site a high rating, you’re insane. This site tries to scam people and lies to its users.

  8. Hungry Serpent

    I really hope 2014 improves so it’s better than it started. This site has bad reviews and I don’t want anything to do with it.

  9. I hope dating on doesn’t end up being difficult. I’ve had some bad relationships and I want to have fun.

  10. Terrance Blessig

    I can’t tell you how bad I want sites like this to stop operating. How many people have they scammed?

  11. I was hoping to be able to leave a good review for but I just can’t right now tbh.

  12. I thought this site would be good in comparison to ones I’ve used before but I was WRONG. It’s TERRIBLE.

  13. Steady Smoke

    If this site has scammed you out of money let me know. We can sue them together and split the profits.

  14. Is legit? I know a friend of mine has a profile on here but he doesn’t describe things very well.

  15. Scottie Roadman

    There’s nothing good to say about this site. I ish therew as, I really did. But in this case I just can’t.

  16. Maximum Smokey Duck

    If you want to test out, go right ahead. Just be prepared for a lot of disappointment from it.

  17. I couldn’t give this site a lower rating if I tried. I liked absolutely NOTHING about the site, unfortunately enough.

  18. Abandoned Smoke

    I should have left a bad review before now, like when I was still using the site at the beginning of 2014.

  19. is kind of a cutesy name for a site I’d expect to be mature and serious. What’s up with that.

  20. Fidel Shaner

    Can sites like this bplease start reading the reviews ppl write and making some improvements? That would be really great.


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