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The only things that could actually navigate a site with this awful of a layout are robots, and that's all you'll find here. They kill the servers with their spamming, and bring the site down more often than not. is another example in a site turned so very, very wrong. There’s just nothing about this site that is redeemable in our eyes, and that’s because it’s just awful.

Let’s start with the layout.

During our MyUKDate review, we found ourselves pulling out our hair over this site’s horrible layout. There’s nothing usable about it, and that’s because it was clearly designed by a five year old.

ONLINE DATING scam alert image

That’s not all! The navigation system has a ton of broken links, which made us want to pull our hair out. It made our MyUKDate test run a real nightmare, to say the least.

This site is just broken all over. It made us really start grinding our teeth before we were even close to being done, and we’re usually pretty patient people overall.

It’s just poorly designed.

The other thing about this site that we came across during our MyUKDate test run is the fact that the servers on it are usually pretty faulty, and mostly useless during peak periods.

image overlay for MyUKDate

That’s assuming there will ever be crowds on this site, but you get the idea. The thing is, on the weekends, this site is usually down and out for one reason or another.

The scam bots tend to take over on the weekends is what we’re assuming, which is just great.

If you want a headache, check out this site. You’ll be sure to get one sooner rather than later.

Our Results When Using For Online Dating

We spent a total of five months on our MyUKDate review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women that we found on this particular website.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 120 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 43 responses. This was really pathetic, and not anywhere close to the minimum goal that we set for ourselves.

From those 43 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to meet up with us. If that isn’t pathetic, we don’t know what is, but it really proved that this site was awful.

We really were fed up with this site by the time our review was over. It’s just not good, and it doesn’t even try to make itself usable for anyone that signs onto it and wants to get a date.

Why Is Not Worth the Effort

There’s nothing about this site that’s worth the effort, and our review of it really did prove that from the moment that we hopped onto it. It’s just pathetically organized.

It’s not a good site.

The layout is literally the worst part about it. No one wants to use a site that’s literally impossible to navigate, and that’s exactly what we ended up experiencing here.

That kind of thing just makes us scratch our heads. Did no one seriously test this thing out? It’s baffling to imagine someone trying to use this site and thinking that it’s normal.

Because of that, we quickly came to the conclusion that there’s just no way anyone really tested this site out before letting it go live. It’s too awful for that to be a thing.

Also, the cam girls are out in full force.

We can only assume that on the weekends, cam girls come out in full force and just kill this site’s bandwidth. We can’t imagine any other reason for it to ever end up being populated.

Because of that, there’s no chance that it’s ever going to be up and running on the weekends. The site usually won’t load at all, which we think it’s really swell in general.

We hate this kind of crap, and we’d be glad if it was just wiped off the internet entirely.

Seriously, what’s the point? There’s nothing to be seen here, folks, unless you count utter crap. in the News

Surviving a long distance relationship can be easier than you think, but won’t ever make it happen:

First hand accounts of long distance relationships can help you out, though won’t at all: Review: Is This a Decent Dating Stomping Ground?

We couldn’t stand, and that’s why we’ll never be back to this site again.

It’s one site that we’ll never recommend to anyone, and that’s because it has nothing going for it at all.

You should definitely skip it.

This is one site that just doesn’t know what it’s doing. Not only is the layout utter crap, but it doesn’t try to keep out scammers at all, and lets them eat the site alive in general.

That something we can’t stand. There’s no need to tolerate a site that just doesn’t even try to make a good experience for you, and that’s all this site is going to end up doing.

Instead, you should be looking for a site that really has it down pat. You need a site that’s going to give you the treatment you deserve, and you won’t get it here on a site like this.

There are so many options.

First of all, you should check out our number one rated site, It’s the best of the best, and our review has really proven that. Remember, numbers simply don’t lie.

It’s going to really get you the dates that you want, and it’ll be a lot of fun while it happens. Trust us; it really does work, and you’ll end up seeing results sooner rather than later.

Good luck!

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Online Dating Site Didn’t Break the Top 5”

  1. Remote Autumn

    If any site deserves to be given bad reviews and removed from the internet forever, it’s Trust me on that.

  2. The women who use this site seem a lot less approachable in comparison to women on other sites. It’s weird.

  3. There’s no scam here, I don’t think. Before you think I’m crazy, know that doesn’t mean I like the site.

  4. I hope is as legit as I need a site to be. If it doesn’t meet my expectations I’ll leave.

  5. Irving Merryman

    This site isn’t even trying to look good. I’m supposed to want to use this? I’m not going to do that.

  6. I can’t believe I ever signed up to test out I don’t know what got into me, to be honest.

  7. I tried to find something to like about this site so I could give it a high rating, I really did.

  8. Brutal Steamy Moose

    I think if any site wants to be considered in 2014 it should take care to please those who review it.

  9. Dating via should be one of the easiest things, I hope. I’ve never used a dating site before now.

  10. Alexis Herrold

    I’m so tired of sites like this. I’m probably not going to use them anymore. Only I probably will tbh.

  11. I just wanted a date. I don’t know why had to make it so difficult, but it gets a bad review.

  12. I saw this site in comparison to another one and this one looked good. I don’t think that anymore now.

  13. I thought this site was a scam at first but I no longer think that. I do still think the site is bad.

  14. seems legit enough at first glance, so I’m really hoping that this isn’t a case of appearances are deceiving.

  15. Emmanuel Bagley

    I thought this site would be good but looking at it now, I’m not sure why I ever thought that.

  16. If you test out that’s your choice but don’t come crying to me when it scams you out of money.

  17. If there’s not a rating lower than 0, I’m mad. I don’t think this site even deserves a 0. Too high.

  18. 2014 should’ve been the year things went right. This did not help things go right, so it gets a bad review.

  19. I thought using might be a good idea since I’ve been away from the dating world for a while.

  20. I wish I could say something nice about this site and other sites like it but tbh I have nothing.


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