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With a sleek, attractive layout and an active userbase, it's simply a fun place to be. This site's active community will keep you busy, and for us, scored us 2 dates and one second date.

Passion.com is one site that we just couldn’t ignore. The layout immediately stuck out to us, as it’s vibrant and interesting and really does a great job of drawing you in.

It’s easy to use, to boot.

With a layout that’s actually great, we were surprised at the functionality of Passion.com. Most sites that look pretty aren’t always the best-working, but we were proved wrong during our Passion review.

CTA Passion img

Thank god for that, really. This site has a very active membership base, and they were ready to accept new members into the fold, too. That’s something that was really exciting during our Passion test.

It’s a rare day that you see a site with such an active user base. That means only good things for you, and that’s something to remember: more members, more dates.

overlay Passion image

You’ve probably heard good things, and we’re here to confirm them. You’ll definitely want to try Passion

It’s very open, too.

This site is full of ladies that are really ready to talk to men, and we noticed that immediately during our Passion test. That kind of environment really does the trick.

When you’re looking for a great dating site, it’s very important that you have ladies that are active members, too. You’re never going to have to hesitate about that here.

Because of that, it was a good experience for us overall. This is just a fun site, and it’s not just the members that bring that on–the site design really helps you out.

We Stayed on Passion.com for 5 Months: Was It Worth It?

We ended up spending a total of five months on our Passion review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women that we found on this particular site.

It was great.

From those 120 e-mails, we ended up receiving a grand total of 87 responses overall. This was incredible, and really drove home how good of a site this was overall.

From those 87 responses, we ended up with a total of 4 ladies that wanted to meet up with us. 2 of them showed up, and we had a total of 1 repeat date for our review.

We were very pleased with these results, and would have come back to this site any time. It’s a great experience, and it really does exactly what we want it to do, which is help us meet ladies!

Passion.com: The Top Two Messages With The Most Replies

Email 1: “Hi, Dana. I noticed immediately that you were into horseback riding, and I was really happy. I don’t see a lot of ladies on here that are into it as much as you are.

It’s been awhile since I’ve owned a horse, but I actually grew up with them. Where do you ride nowadays? I’d love a chance to go on a trail ride with someone like you in the future.”

Email 2: “Hi, Eleanor. Your smile is what brought me into your profile, and from there, I just had to keep reading. Your orchid collection is absolutely stunningly beautiful.

I’ve actually never had much of a green thumb, but I think that’s mostly because I’ve never had a good teacher regarding plants. Any tips for someone that’s a total dunce about it, but very willing to learn?”

Passion.com’s Features That Made Our Stay Great

There’s a lot going on with this site that really can give you an amazing experience, and so it’s hard to just pick one thing that stands out and does it all right.

Let’s start with the community.

This site has an incredible community. It’s upbeat and fun, and that means that you’re not going to find yourself struggling to fit in with a bunch of snobs or boring people.

That kind of familiarity is one of the best things that goes on with this site. You’ll be able to really get involved with the community, and that means meeting lots more ladies.

The more ladies you can meet, the better, obviously. Your chances of actually scoring a date here are really high, and that’s not something you can say about most sites.

It’s very open.

These women love to talk, and really love being involved. They like to chat, and that means that you’re going to have a lot of messages to enjoy the whole time you’re here.

Trust us when we say that’s definitely a good thing. If you really want to chat a lot with ladies, this is the kind of site that’s really going to make it happen, so get comfortable with it.

The more messages you receive, the more likely you are to get the dates that you want. If you make yourself available, that’s going to really up your chances to get the dates you want.

How To Stand Out on Passion.com: Secret Online Dating Strategies

Standing out on this site is way easier than you’d believe, and it’s all about making sure that you’re a little bit above the competition. To do that, you need to be active.

Keep up with your messages.

If you try to keep up with your messages on this site, you’re going to find yourself that much better off. As it’s an active site, you need to make sure you can stay on top of it.

Try to make sure that your turnaround on messages is no more than a day. By doing so, you’re insuring that you’re going to repeat the maximum benefits of this site.

You’ll also gain a reputation as being someone reliable. That’s definitely important to women on online dating sites, and it’s going to make ladies really flock to you.

Passion.com: Things That Could’ve Been Better

The one thing about this site is that there are a few, nitpicky things that we didn’t like. Keep in mind, these are few and far between, but they do need to be taken note of.

There are inactive profiles.

While these aren’t exactly the bane of our existence, these are still present on the site and can be a really big pain in the butt. They take up a lot of room and that means a lot of annoying browsing.

When you have to flip through inactive profiles, that’s bad enough, but they can also get taken over by scam bots, making the site unsafe and really obnoxious to use.

We hope that Passion.com will be better about culling these profiles in the future. Otherwise, it’s a very clean, easy to use site; these just end up bogging it down a bit.

Passion.com in the News

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Passion.com Review: What’s the Final Word On Using Passion.com For Online Dating?

We loved Passion.com. It’s our number five site for a reason, and that’s because the numbers really don’t lie. It’s one of the best of the best and we’re ready to come back already.

Definitely check it out.

This is one site that we feel like everyone should give a second glance to. It’s just fun, and really easy to use, and definitely produces some great results for everyone on it.

Because of that, we think it’s definitely one that you should never skip. Check it out, and you’ll end up seeing some amazing results in your dating ventures, we’re sure of it!

30 Responses to “Our Complete Passion.com Review – Why Passion.com Ranked #5 For Online Dating”

  1. Passion.com gets a good review! Honestly I don’t understand how it doesn’t have more good reviews when everything about this site is amazing. What’s wrong with you people? Why wouldn’t you leave a good review?

  2. Honestly, I think other sites pale in comparison to this one. There’s not a single thing I’d change about this site because just about everything about it is amazing. Not a single complaint from me.

  3. Hassan Parrish

    I read a review saying this site was a scam but I really just don’t think that’s true. Scam sites usually have lots of fake profiles and an overall sketchy vibe, but this one didn’t.

  4. I thought that Passion.com seemed okay when I looked at it before but now it seems like it might be worth signing up for. Maybe. Oh, hell, who knows what I’ll do in the end.

  5. Rocky Swallow

    I’ve never used a site this good and that’s saying something, because I’ve used a few sites before that I thought were actually pretty damn good. With this site my standards have been changed tbh!

  6. Beta Lucky

    I thought Passion.com deserved a test run like any other site and I’m really glad I went with my gut instinct! This site was great and I couldn’t be happier with it and everyone on it.

  7. Giving this site a high rating seems like the only thing I can do at this point. Why would I eny praise from a site that deserves all these good reviews and more, you know?

  8. Earnest Warrick

    2014 has been a damn good year and the reason it’s been so good is partially thanks to this site! I had to leave a good review just because of that. It made my year.

  9. I guess I thought dating sites were no different than they were 10 years ago…this all seems so new to me and I feel really old. Are all the dating sites these days like Passion.com?

  10. Sites like this give me hope, honestly. I was having a lot of trouble really connecting with women but once I joined this site iwas no problem. Everything just seemed to come so easy to me.

  11. Ruthless Goldfish

    I didn’t think I’d be leaving a review for Passion.com but here I am! I have to say a few nice things about this site after all it did for me. I’ve had a few casual dates.

  12. I didn’t think a comparison was necessary, but it might also just be that in my eyes, nothing compares to this site. I’ve never used a dating site this good before and I’ve used lots.

  13. Giuseppe Light

    I think ppl who say dating sites are scams are just mad because they can’t get anyone to message them back so they claim all the profiles are fake. No, that isn’t the case with this site.

  14. I never thought I’d be sitting here wondering if a site is legit but I’m sitting at my computer rn trying to will myself to take a chance and sign up for Passion.com. It’s ridiculous.

  15. I’ve used good sites in the past but this one blows them all out of the water. I was astounded by how good this site was and especially by how hot all the women are.

  16. If you haven’t signed up to test out Passion.com then I have to tell you right now that you are definitely missing out. I recommend this site to any guy who’s looking for a date.

  17. I knew this site would get a high rating as soon as I made my profile tbh. It impressed me from the get-go and I’m glad I joined. I think my girlfriend probably is, too.

  18. Stan Fiscina

    I thought I deleted my profile as soon as 2014 started…guess I didn’t. I only deleted it bc this site helped me find someone! I didn’t need it anymore. This site gets a very good review.

  19. Passion.com seems like an okay dating site. Nice simple but elegant homepage…I’m interested. I might end up signing up or something. I tend to like these sites bc they’re easier and cheaper than bars imo.

  20. Los Wriggler

    I never thought I’d be so into sites like this but they’re probably one of the best things to ever happen to me. I an honestly say these things changed my life for the better.

  21. Fast Lone Eaglet

    Why aren’t there more good reviews for Passion.com? It’s a great site and I don’t understand why more people apparently don’t see that! Everyone should join this. You’ll get laid so quick it’ll astound you!

  22. In comparison to the women on other sites goddamn the women on this one are hot. I was amazed at how many hot ladies there were on here and they were SO good at messaging back!

  23. Felipe Hasely

    I was worried, I think, like everyone else who’s used a dating site before, that Passion.com was a scam but when I started using it I found out pretty quickly that wasn’t true at all.

  24. I hope Passion.com is as legit as these reviews I’m reading for it make it look. I don’t want to be disappointed by another dating site like I have in the past. It’s so frustrating.

  25. Queen Minimum

    I thought this site was good when I first saw the homepage and I’m glad to see that my first impression was reinforced! This site was everything I ask for in a dating site and then some.

  26. Strong Eternal Jupiter

    I’d read good reviews because I used this site so when I signed up to test out Passion.com I had high expectations and they were definitely met. I’ve had so many sex dates since I joined.

  27. I knew I had to give this site a high rating. I didn’t know there was a way to review it so easily until I found this place, so I’m glad I found such an easy way.

  28. Vaughn Moffat

    I guess 2014 is going to be a pretty good year if how it is so far is any indication of what it’ll be like. Half of it is this site, so I have to leave a good review.

  29. I’d never used a dating site like Passion.com before and now that I have I think my eyes have been opened to the world of dating sites in general. I wonder if they’re all this good.

  30. Dolly Rare

    sites like this are the reason I haven’t abandoned the world of casual dating altogether tbh, they give me hope that there might be someone out there for me and that’s what keeps me going.


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