UrbanSocial.com Review: Why Online Dating Site UrbanSocial.com Didn’t Break the Top 5



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A clunky, poorly-designed site with a lazy staff of administrators, you won't find any women here that aren't fake profilesÉset up by the site administrators themselves.

We just had to shake our heads at UrbanSocial.com. This is one site that just makes us want to jump off a cliff, and that’s because it’s so incredibly and utterly poorly designed.

It just doesn’t follow any formula.

We figured out pretty quickly during our UrbanSocial review that the people running this site just don’t want anything to do with you. They definitely don’t want to help you.

ONLINE DATING scam alert image

They also just don’t know what they’re doing. Our UrbanSocial test figured that out in about five minutes, and that’s something that really made us just cringe the whole time.

UrbanSocial.com has this thing where it thinks a lot of fake profiles is a great idea. It’s not, trust us. It’s just going to make everyone want to jump off a cliff like we wanted to.

It’s a poor decision.

Any time a site wants to put up fake profiles, that’s the kiss of death. Our UrbanSocial test is a big amount of proof of that fact, because everyone left this site awhile ago.

image UrbanSocial overlay

There’s just nothing going on here. With that in mind, how are you going to get a date? Here’s the answer: you aren’t, because no one is around and no one wants to date fakes.

All in all, this site is a disaster area. It’s really poorly designed, and it’s just not going to work out all that well.

If you want a legit experience, it’s not going to happen here. Nothing has happened here for awhile.

Our Results When Using UrbanSocial.com For Online Dating

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our UrbanSocial review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women we found on this site.

It was awful.

From those 120 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 50 responses. This wasn’t anywhere near what we needed, and definitely not impressive to us at all, considering.

From those 50 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to meet up with us. This means no dates, and that means our time on this site was a total waste in general.

We weren’t exactly surprised, but it wasn’t anything enjoyable to deal with at all, either. This whole site was obnoxious to use, and it really made us never want to come back.

Why UrbanSocial.com Is Not Worth the Effort

There are a lot of things about this site that make it awful, but our least favorite part of it is the fact that it’s just swimming in scams. That really doesn’t do it any favors at all.

It makes it very difficult to use.

The moment a site is just covered in fakes, you’re not going to get anything done. This site has another issue, too, which is that there are scam bots literally everywhere.

Most of them seem to be cam girls. While they mostly can be harmless, that’s only if they aren’t taking over the whole site, which unfortunately, is what is going on here.

On this site, you really have to wade through them. That’s a very unpleasant experience, and not one that we particularly enjoyed seeing or dealing with at all during our review.

It’s just pointless.

A site that just can’t keep itself free of scammers or fakes like this is a serious problem, and it really isn’t going to make it any easier for your dating experience in general.

We hate when a site throws up their own fake profiles. They do that here to try and encourage people to join, but in reality, it just ends up killing the site ten times over.

You’d think they’d figure that out, but nope, definitely not. We hate seeing sites that do this.

It’s just not a good site. You should run screaming from this one, because trust us, that’s what we wanted to do.

UrbanSocial.com in the News

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This article answers the question of whether or not long distance relationships can work, which UrbanSocial.com never will: http://voices.yahoo.com/can-long-distance-relationships-work-90368.html?cat=41

UrbanSocial.com Review: Is This a Decent Dating Stomping Ground?

We couldn’t stand this site, and that’s why we’re glad to be done with our review of it.

There’s nothing good about UrbanSocial.com, and let’s be real, we were thoroughly pleased to be over and done with it.

It’s not a good site.

This is one site that needs to be left in the dust. There’s nothing redeemable about it, and it’s just not going to get you a single date when you’re using it. We didn’t get one at all.

Our reviews are thorough, but this was just sad. You can’t get anything to happen on this site.

Because of those results, we really don’t think it’s worth your time. There are so many better sites out there that can really give you what you want, but this isn’t one of them.

Check out our number one site instead.

Match.co.uk is the best of the best, and we know for a fact that our results don’t lie about that.

It really does work. You’ll see what we mean the moment that you sign onto it!

20 Responses to “UrbanSocial.com Review: Why Online Dating Site UrbanSocial.com Didn’t Break the Top 5”

  1. Billy Darkblade

    I’m only here bc I think that UrbanSocial.com needs a bad review. I wasn’t impressed at all with this site.

  2. This site, at least in comparison to the others I’ve used, is pretty damn bad. I was expecting lots more.

  3. Giant Leather

    Not sure if this site is a scam or just a site that doesn’t quite know what it’s doing. Either way I’m done.

  4. I hope UrbanSocial.com is legit because if I sign up and it disappoints me I’ll be pretty damn pissed, honestly.

  5. Lionel Eckert

    There are lot ofgood things to be said about most sites. Sadly, this is not most sites and I have nothing good.

  6. Needless Rotten Rebel

    If you test out UrbanSocial.com and like it, what the hell is wrong with you? Do oyu have NO taste?

  7. Rating this site pretty low. I wish they would improve it bc if they improved it I MIGHT like it.

  8. Flash Navy Skunk

    2014 should get better as the year goes on, I hope. I’m leaving a bad review and stay away from this site.

  9. I can’t tell you much about UrbanSocial.com because I don’t remember what it was like when I used it tbh.

  10. Donny Anderson

    Sites like this are the worst thing to happen to me. I wish I’d never signed up for any of them.

  11. Boiling Jackal

    I’m here to review UrbanSocial.com and I have nothing nice to say. Just a whole bunch of criticism here, guys.

  12. This site is terrible when I look at it in comparison to the site I was using before. I don’t know why I left.

  13. Seriously Beaver

    I think this is one of those scam sites, I really do. It keeps asking for credit card info…I don’t like it.

  14. Is UrbanSocial.com legit? I’ve been seeing the name around for a while but I don’t know much about it yet.

  15. Cecil Steele

    Good sites are so hard to find these days and let me tell you, this is NOT one of them.

  16. I wanted to test out UrbanSocial.com so bad but for the life of me I can’t remember why. It looks bad.

  17. I have to give this site a low rating, sorry, but that’s all I can do in response to it.

  18. Rotten Crystal

    This is the only site I used in 2014 so far that isn’t good. It has bad reviews and it’s easy to see why.

  19. Dating on UrbanSocial.com seems like it might have its benefits but it might also have its downsides…what should I do?

  20. Denver Reighner

    I wish I could say that sites like this are really helpful but instead I’m just pissed that they still exist


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