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It simply is a well-put-together site. A solid layout and features, with a great customer support team, gave us the base we needed to get 6 amazing dates and 5 repeat performances.

Xpress.com is one site that didn’t disappoint. We heard a lot of things about it before even starting our Xpress review, and that’s why we just had to dive in and see for ourselves.

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It was worth it.

We weren’t disappointed by Xpress.com. Right off the bat, we found ourselves impressed with the easy to use layout that made it very easy to find ladies on this site.

Here’s the thing: if you can’t have a good layout, then you aren’t going to keep members around. Our Xpress test is a very good example of that, and something we appreciated.

There are a lot of members on Xpress.com, and that’s because this site goes out of its way to keep people around. It does a good job of bringing members in, too, which is something we noticed very early on in our Xpress test.

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You won’t go wrong with our strong #2. If you want the best options, click over to Xpress

It’s just well-run.

When you have a site that takes care of its members like this one does, there’s honestly no need to worry about whether or not you’ll get a date. This site makes it happen.

They will help steer you towards the right ladies and if you ever have any issues with the site, they’ll also help you out there. It’s just a very supportive community in general.

It’s up to you to keep at it, of course, but with the right amount of attention paid to the site, you’ll honestly be golden here, and that’s a very refreshing thing about this site.

We Stayed on Xpress.com for 5 Months: Was It Worth It?

We ended up spending a total of five months on our Xpress review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women that we found on this particular site.

It was incredible.

From those 120 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 98 replies total. This was way above and beyond our minimum return of 50%, and we were duly thrilled.

From those 98 replies, a total of 8 dates were set up, and a total of 6 ended up showing up. We ended up having second dates with a total of 5 of those women, which was fantastic.

Overall, this was a great experience, and really proved to us that this site is a great contender in our top dating sites. It’s definitely something that deserves a second glance.

Xpress.com: The Top Two Messages With The Most Replies

Email 1: “Hi, Melanie. I couldn’t help but be drawn into your profile from that gorgeous smile of yours, but from there, I just couldn’t stop reading about you at all.

I saw that you were interested in sewing, and I really think that some of your costume designs are incredible. I don’t suppose you have any more pictures that you’d like to share?”

Email 2: “Hi, Catherine. I saw you from a mile away courtesy of that awesome hair color of yours, and I just had to click on your profile because of it. Seriously, it’s really cool.

I noticed that you were really into anime, and that’s something that I really enjoy, too. I haven’t had a chance to see any new series recently; do you have any favorites?”

Xpress.com’s Features That Made Our Stay Great

The main thing that we loved about this site is the customer service. If you ever have any issues on this site, you can really be assured that it will be taken care of very quickly.

That’s something to look for.

Whenever you’re using a dating site, that’s something that will really help you stay protected. You aren’t going to have to sit around and worry about people scamming you if you can just report them.

That can really bring about a lot of peace of mind, and that’s something this site has in spades for you. With that, you can really just have fun and drop all the stress.

Trust us, you’ll want that. Most sites don’t offer that level of relaxation, but this site really does, and that’s why so many people end up joining and using this one.

That’s the other thing we loved.

This site has an incredible rate of joining, which means that there’s always a lot of new, fresh blood on this site. That means many more opportunities for you, of course.

Ladies like to join this site because of the intimate atmosphere, and that means that this site is doing it right. You really want women to join the site in spades, and that happens here.

All in all, you really can’t find fault in the number of people that join up here, or the level of safety that’s present. We loved it, and we were really pleased with those aspects.

How To Stand Out on Xpress.com: Secret Online Dating Strategies

Getting an edge on this site really comes down to being able to be open about what you’re into. If you can do that, you’re going to end up attracting a lot of ladies.

Be fun and upfront.

If you can sit around and talk about your hobbies at length, that’s great. The more interested you act in the things you love, the better, and it’s going to make a great impression.

These women want to be with someone that’s interesting and passionate. The more you can express that on your profile, the more attention you’re going to end up getting.

Don’t stop there, though. Talk about what really makes you tick, and they’ll love it on this site. It’ll make you stand out, and it’ll make ladies really interested in you in general.

Xpress.com: Things That Could’ve Been Better

Not every site is going to be perfect, and in fact, most aren’t at all. That’s the same case here, but it’s okay–there are just a few things of note that had us a little annoyed.

It’s very competitive.

This site has a ton of members, and that’s something of a double edged sword. You really have to be able to keep up with it in order to get anything done on this site.

Because of that, you can’t let it sit for a few days and then expect to come back to it like you might with other sites out there. If you want results, you really have to stay on top of it.

Just keep that in mind, and don’t slack off. It’ll really make a huge difference if you do.

Xpress.com in the News

Knowing the good and the bad of online dating can help you out, though there’s nothing but good things on Xpress.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/online-dating-good-bad-ugly-literally-118969.html?cat=41

Using local dating sites can really help you out, even when you’re already using Xpress.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-local-online-dating-sites-2226053.html?cat=41

The right online dating photo is going to make a world of difference, even on a great site like Xpress.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-select-online-dating-photo-274750.html?cat=41

Xpress.com Review: What’s the Final Word On Using Xpress.com For Online Dating?

We absolutely loved Xpress.com, and that’s why it’s our number two site overall. You really can’t skip it, because it works.

It’s one of the best.

Sites like this are some of the ones that you should always at least check out once. It’s only ever performed well for us, and that means that we’ll definitely be back.

Check it out, and you’ll see what we mean. It’s our number two for a reason; numbers and results don’t lie.

30 Responses to “Our Complete Xpress.com Review – Why Xpress.com Ranked #2 For Online Dating”

  1. Beau Hot Trustee

    I couldn’t help but leave a good review for Xpress.com. I’m not normally a huge fan of dating sites so for me to like this one was a big deal so I wanted to say something.

  2. The women on this site are a lot more approachable in comparison to women on other sites. You know on others they seem standoffish? That wasn’t a problem on this site…they’re all very nice imo.

  3. Eduardo Mason

    I wasn’t sure if this was a scam when it asked me to upgrade my profile but I ended up doing it to access more features and I’m really glad I did. It’s worth it.

  4. I often wonder how legit these sites are and right now my current deliberating is about Xpress.com. I just can’t decide how I feel about it and if I trust it. I’m so picky, I know.

  5. There’s nothing that isn’t good about this site. I don’t know how it’s not the most popular dating site out there because it’s the best one I’ve used and from me, that’s saying something tbh.

  6. Liquid Purple Cat

    Test out Xpress.com and your eyes are going to be opened. You’ll see that all these good reviews are for a reason and if you’re a guy with some trouble keeping a girlfriend, this is for you.

  7. I can’t believe this site has ratings lower than 5! It seems weird when I liked everything about it and I met so many women…did other guys not have good experiences or something like that?

  8. Daron Downing

    Since this was the first site I used in 2014 I think it’s high time for a review. I don?t need the site anymore because I found a girlfriend, but I still have to give credit.

  9. Who can tell me about this Xpress.com dating site? I’ve heard a few friends mention it and I’ve seen ads for it online but does that make it an actually good site? Help me out.

  10. I don’t know where I’d be without sites like this, but I don’t think I would like it. I’ve never had so many dates in such a small period of time before I joined this site!

  11. Moose Skilled

    A good review is in order for Xpress.com. I have a lot to say but I eel like I could talk for quite some time about it, so I’l just say this isthe best site I’ve used.

  12. There’s really no comparison when you look at this site up against others because you can really see how high quality this one is and how cheap and lazy all of the others are imo.

  13. Eli Sanders

    There’s no scam here, there really isn’t. I know it can be hard to tell with some of these sites but none of these profiles are fake or anything like that. I met my current girlfriend here!

  14. I guess Xpress.com seems legit but tbh I haven’t actually been using the site for too long. My opinions don’t really have much basis and experience behind them yet, so I have no room to talk.

  15. Foghorn Jupiter

    I’ve never used a site that I knew was good the inute I signed up. I’m always a little ify about these things for a while after I join but I never had that with this one.

  16. You’ve read all these reviews, so why are you wasting time? If you’re trying to get a girlfriend or just get a date for tonight then you need to sign up and test out Xpress.com!

  17. Who could use this site and NOT give it a high rating? This site’s amazing and all the women on it are really great to talk to. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t like that.

  18. Wiley Higgens

    I doubt I’ll find another site with as many good reviews as this one for the rest of 2014 and that’s why I think while I date this year I’ll just stick to this one.

  19. I’m not the type of ugy who normally uses these dating sites so when I sign up for Xpress.com it’ll be an interesting experience for sure. Who knows, maybe it will change my whole life.

  20. Sites like this are really good imo. I used to be skeptical but now that I’ve joined one and gone on dates with the women I met through it, I’ve been converted over to them.

  21. Invader Serious

    This gets a good review from me. My new girlfriend and I are both glad I took a chance and signed up for this site to see what it was like. Thanks a lot, Xpress.com!

  22. Other sites aren’t even half as good in comparison to this one. I’ve used them and they don’t match up in terms of the ppl on them or the site itself. Stick to this one!

  23. Barney Shupe

    This site isn’t a scam and if anyone tries to tell you differently, consider them a threat to your efforts of getting laid or just getting a date. They’re holding you back, so don’t listen.

  24. You know, I think I’ve used Xpress.com before. I was going to say that I haven’t but it looks familiar…well, that goes to show you that it was so long ago I don’t remember it.

  25. Runny Purple Walrus

    I have only good things to say about Xpress.com. This is the best site I’ve ever used and I felt totally comfortable upgrading to a premium profile because I knew that it definitely wasn’t a scam.

  26. William Gold Scarlet

    I only signed up to test out Xpress.com bc they were offering a free trial at the time, but I’m glad I did. This site really changed my life for the better and I’m grateful.

  27. Rating this site the highest one possible is a no-brainer for me. The women on here are all so hot and the site itself works like a charm. I’ve gotten so many messages since joining!

  28. Erwin Sandblom

    I have to leave a good review for the only thing that’s helped make 2014 better so far. I’ve been having a shitty year so far but the women I meet on here make it better.

  29. I’ve never used a dating site before so when I finish signing up for Xpress.com it’s going to be my first experience with them. I wonder what they’re like. I’ve heard a few different opinions.

  30. White Emerald

    I’m so thankful for sites like this! Honestly, they made this awkward guy able to meet and talk to a woman without feeling too shy and that’s great. I know a lot of guys feel the same.


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